The Pinnacle of Fire Retardant Faux Landscaping - ThermaLeaf®'s New Range of Silk Plants

Artificial PlantsThere have been radical changes in the landscaping arena. People are opting for more and more greens in the commercial indoors and outdoors as well. This has become more visible in corporate towers and other commercial complexes. Because of their amazing charm and many varieties, plants have been the prime consideration in landscaping projects since long. With the development of artificial plants, those became the hottest pick due to certain plus points over the live plants.

The prime objective of any commercial landscape is to be perfect, for staying ahead of the competition. A present business scenario is very tough, and if you want to survive the competition, you have to make the urban concrete jungles aesthetically pleasant for impressing the visitors. You must also consider revamping both exterior and interior decoration with fire retardant artificial silk trees for making the setting attractive and refreshing to the customers. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of fake plants that can add a zest of charm in your commercial setting taking that to the pinnacle of decoration. This page aims to dwell on the important aspects of the ThermaLeaf® fake plants.

There are many types of ThermaLeaf® artificial plants

The imitation plants are the essence of landscaping, as these can deliver an ultimate solution when the aesthetic quality of the landscaping items comes into consideration. These go well with any professional space, and there are many varieties for you to choose the right one. Here are the attractions.

  • Hanging Plants: Coming in cheerful baskets, these can enliven any commercial space. Full with lush green leaves and cluster of blooms, they make the professional space glowing with energy. These can be used for gracing many places like the reception area, front entrance, poolside, windowsills, patio and many other places in your commercial setting.
  • Custom Plants: When you have some dream landscape in mind, but cannot find that in the collections, or whether you want a special type of plant for decorating your hotel, sauna bath, luxury resort, ThermaLeaf® can make it for you, once you spell out your thought. You will be supplied with one-of-kind fake plants that your competitors will envy.
  • Grasses: Everyone loves lawns full of lush green grass, but that is hard to maintain. With ThermaLeaf® products, you will have no such worry. No matter the type of commercial setting you have, the artificial grasses will deliver a sophisticated look to your lawns and when you surround that with fire safe large artificial trees that will create a magical charm to your professional space.
  • Flowering plants: These impart a chick and classy ambiance to commercial indoors. Due to their exotic beauty, these are great for the reception area, conference hall, casino lounge, hospital cabin and can also be included in other commercials indoors. With their vibrant color, the flowering plants can brighten up even a mundane interior inducing a fresh and contemporary look.
  • Vines: The stylish, lush vines can grace any commercial space. These are also available with plastic ivy leaves for making the place aesthetically pleasant. You can use these in luxury restaurants, bars, casino lounge, and exotic spa and at many other places. They add charm and make the place lively when used in combination with fire resistant artificial palm leaf.
  • Cactus & Succulents: If you want to include a desert vibe in commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, art galleries, and theme parks, etc. the cactus and succulent plants can deliver you the best visual experience. Available in many forms like fake Aloe, Agave, and many other types, these can brighten up the commercial interiors.
  • Bushes: These are available in wide varieties of colors, types, and sizes. You can get everything from ficus bush to spruce plants that can add vigor to the professional indoors. No matter if you want to give a facelift to the lobby, or want to make your reception desk unique, the artificial bushes can deliver you a dream landscape with the fake topiary tree.

You can be creative with ThermaLeaf® plants

Earlier, natural creepers, vines, and plants were used for commercial landscaping. While those added some enchanting twist to the environment, many difficulties were faced in using those in large landscaping projects where maintenance of the live plants became a headache. But, the fake bamboo trees and plants require no watering, fertilizing, trimming, etc. and, therefore, they became the most favorite landscaping choice. These are available in many forms, styles, and shapes and can also be tailored to fit any specific landscaping dream. They are also made botanically correct, making them indistinguishable from the live plants. Thus, you can use ThermaLeaf® plants and vines in many ways for adorning the commercial interior and exterior as well.

ThermaLeaf® grows fire safety internally

The greatest advantage of ThermaLeaf® products is that these have self-fire extinguishing properties. Unlike other products that use a spray of chemicals, all ThermaLeaf® products including artificial outdoor topiary plants are impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals through injection molding during manufacturing of the same. So, there forms an intimate blend of the chemical with the foliage, and this makes ThermaLeaf® products fire safe. These pass all required fire tests and also fall in line with the fire safety laws.

ThermaLeaf® plants are weather tolerant

Manufactured using the best quality plastic material, color pigment, and resin, the outdoor plants and trees can withstand extreme variation in weather conditions. No matter, if those are exposed to harsh rays of the sun, there will be no fading. These can also withstand snow, rain, and storm as well.

These are unbelievably cost effective

Although the fake plants welcome everyone with their vibrant green look, they never discolor and shed leaves. They can be easily installed, cleaned and can also be kept in store if decided not to use for the time being. Moreover, these are affordably priced and is a one-time investment; they are really wallet friendly.