Artificial Solution in the Form of ThermaLeaf®

flame resistant artificial plantsBelieve it or not, but the thrust of using artificial decorative elements in the form of fake trees and plants has multifold in the past couple of years, and ever since stringent water resources rules have come into the act in some of the states. Homeowners and business organization, with a large outdoor area covered under natural plantation, have moved towards a more sustainable form of decorating and landscaping via artificial plants.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Knowing that it's fake takes away two important works from your daily regime, one is the daily cleaning, watering, and pruning, and second is that you would not have to bother, as to will the plants survive in the drastic weather fluctuation and climate change. The use of drought tolerant plants in the form of artificial lawn and commercial decorative plants like preserved palm, bonsai, and tropical trees has gained good momentum in the state of California, where a mandatory water cut has been sanction by the state water authorities.

Office building, commercial outdoors, hotels and restaurant owners are showing growing interest in developing their property by the means of drought tolerant landscaping where there is no amount of water needed.

Decoration with Protection

The advantage of using our life-like artificial greenery is not only limited to revamping your home or commercial outdoor, but our product is the safest solution in the industry to decorate with protection. The number one brand is manufacturing and designing exclusive fire retardant plants, the testimonies of our established clients is a proof of our goodwill.

Every year there are many fire cases due to silk trees and damages incurred to the property and sometimes human too. Making that our top most agenda, ThermaLeaf today only develops flame protected silk plants that abide local, national and international fire codes. With design specification ranging from 15 feet fake bamboo tree to even a tabletop flower arrangement, we cater to everything that makes your outdoor beautiful and indoors welcoming.

Get Connected with Artificial Plants

If you are a retail store owner or have an office building or hotel to renovate, get connected with for some pulsating artificial foliage and their varieties. Our skilled workforce ensures that they guide you on each step of planning to remodel your home or commercial property with fire retardant artificial trees, right from installation to designing and decorative advice.