ThermaLeaf® Faux Trees for Sensational Interior Landscaping

Faux Tropical TreesThermaLeaf® is famous for its artificial foliage. It is a brand trademarked by Commercial Silk International. ThermaLeaf® products are considered as the safest artificial foliage in the industry as they infused the raw materials with the fire retardant chemicals while processing the manufacture. Their products include faux trees, artificial plants, fake topiaries, faux palms and artificial foliage.

Their faux trees are the best choice when you are dealing with interior landscaping or redesigning the indoor of a home, corporate office, government building, malls, big restaurants, etc.

Benefits of ThermaLeaf® Fake Trees in Interior Landscaping

There are many reasons to go for ThermaLeaf® faux trees as they have many benefits. Some of the benefits mentioned in details below:

  • Their artificial trees and plants are safe from fire. As mentioned before, their raw materials are infused with fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing procedure. There are many artificial plants of other brands available in the market which cannot withstand fire. But thanks to all the necessary steps taken by ThermaLeaf®, you need not worry about it.
  • Their artificial trees will never wash or wear off of their original colors. They are safe and secure, and hence last long.
  • These fake trees have smooth surfaces, which make it impossible for dust to built-in on them.
  • They are handcrafted, and the materials are of high quality.
  • You do not need maintenance for such fake trees, unlike natural trees.
  • They do not need trimming as they would never grow, unlike real life trees.
  • They do not need to be watered or fertilizers to make them grow strong. They are already created strong by ThermaLeaf®.
  • They are life-like trees and look so similar to real trees.
  • All their artificial trees and faux plants have passed many chemical test methods and are the safest to use.

Types of ThermaLeaf® Faux Trees

Apart from many products, ThermaLeaf® has five main artificial trees designed for use in interior and exterior landscapes. They are 

  • ThermaLeaf® Artificial Bonsai Tree 

ThermaLeaf® artificial bonsai trees are exceedingly beautiful to look at. When added in your interior decoration, they amplify elegance and harmony in the surrounding. They are the epitome for decorating your living room or office, adding attraction with their cooling colors.

  • ThermaLeaf® Faux Pine Tree

ThermaLeaf® has many artificial pine trees such as Limber Pine Tree, Long Needle Pine Tree, Scotch Pine Tree, Buddhist Pine Tree, Rocky Mountain Pine Tree and more. All these faux pine trees add solace and beauty in your interiors. Their trunks are realistic to look and feel when touched. They look spellbound and make you feel happy. 

  • ThermaLeaf® Tropical Trees

If you want to get the tropical feeling inside your homes and interiors, then ThermaLeaf® artificial Tropical Trees is the answer. They will make you appear like you are on holidays or a long vacation. They add freshness and warmth to your interiors.

  • ThermaLeaf® Artificial Large Trees

Sometimes you need to large trees for many reasons, such as covering a vast space or to create a beautiful outdoor landscape inside your interior, etc. ThermaLeaf® products include large artificial trees, which look as real as a large natural tree. They are light and easy to carry during the landscaping process.

  • ThermaLeaf® Custom Trees

Ok, not everyone has the same taste for designs or products. ThermaLeaf® has the solution for that too. You can send your customized trees designed according to your requirements, and they get delivered to you at your doorstep. This applies for both indoor and outdoor landscaping.

All the artificial trees mentioned above are fire resistant, toxic-free and safe for use, and will mesmerize your interiors and exteriors of your landscape.

Importance of Using ThermaLeaf® Products

Since they have varieties of products, which make it easy for you to decide while designing the landscape. 

You should be extra cautious and careful while selecting or buying artificial plants for your interior landscapes as they may be easy to catch fire, which may cause very dangerous to your life. There have been many incidents of fire outbreak inside malls, residences, theaters, etc. because of lack of good quality products of artificial trees, faux plants, etc. But thanks to ThermaLeaf®, the worry for the outbreak of such situation is a thing of the past. You can enjoy peacefully without giving second thoughts and have a good, calm and peaceful atmosphere.

All these below mentioned products are great ingredients eligible for both exterior and interior landscaping. It is a blessing for any landscaping enthusiast.

  • Faux Hanging Plants
  • Silk Topiary Balls 
  • Stems & Peaks
  • Faux Areca Palm
  • Fire Retardant Artificial Topiary Spirals
  • Fire Retardant Silk Flowers
  • Fire Retardant Artificial Bonsai Tree
  • Faux Vines
  • Fake Grass, Artificial Boxwood Mat
  • Silk Ivy Mat
  • Silk Ivy Topiary
  • Artificial preserved date palm trees
  • Artificial Custom Plants

ThermaLeaf® publishes a catalog that consists of their entire products ranging from faux trees and plants. You can request a free copy, and you will get it in 24hrs from the time you put up the request. That way, it is easy for you to see all the details of their products before placing an order. You can visit their website and request for the catalog.

At ThermaLeaf®, you can always contact and ask for help in designing your interiors and outdoors while using ThermaLeaf® faux trees and fake plants as their project teams are qualified landscape architects, designs, and horticulture.

You can buy ThermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants for business, wholesale, trade, etc. through their manufacturer, Commercial Silk International. 

All their products have gone through fire test methods as well as toxicity test methods and have passed in all of them. ThermaLeaf® is the safest brand when it comes to designing, landscaping your interiors and exteriors of your residence, office, malls, theme parks, etc.