ThermaLeaf® Flowering Plants - The Pinnacle of Safe Faux Landscaping

Faux Flowering PlantsThe very sight of flowers is enough to brighten the mood, but flowers come with their set of maintenance, and on top of that they are seasonal. But all these reasons are not enough to keep your office devoid of flowers. Faux flowering plants by ThermaLeaf® offers all the benefits of their real contemporary ones, yet one can enjoy the beauty of these plants all year long. They won't wilt if you don't water them or keep in dark corners of your office. The biggest advantage these flowering plants offers is that they are fire safe. These artificial flower arrangements are not only visually aesthetic but also very safe.

Wide range of variety

Variety is indeed the spice of life. The variety of faux flowering plants offered by ThermaLeaf® gives you all the liberty to add color to your office. We have the broad range of options available, from which you can choose the colors and different variants you want for decorating your office, conference rooms, or lobbies with them. We also offer flower arrangements that you can customize so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. So get some floral arrangements for reception areas to create a comforting ambiance for your employees and clients.

Fire Retardant 

The best part of buying faux flowering plants is that they are fire retardant. The common belief is since they are made from plastic and synthetic fibers, hence they are prone to fire, and on catching fire, it would produce a large amount of deadly smoke. However, these faux plants are made up of fire retardant material. A fire retardant chemical is impregnated into the plants during its manufacturing and hence making them fire safe. One does not have to trouble about wearing off of the sprayed topical fire retardant chemicals. It is the safest as compared to it's contemporized in the market which meets the all the fire codes. It has been tested and complies with various test methods. 

Low Maintenance

The presence of greenery, especially flowering plants brighten up the office lobbies and corridors and create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. One should consider buying faux flowering plants if the business space is not a suitable environment for keeping living plants alive and well. The benefit of keeping these faux flowers is that they do not require much maintenance. Unlike their real counterparts, they can be easily kept in low light areas and do not need watering, soil, and pesticides. Moreover, the smooth surface reduces dust build-up and requires dusting once in a while only.

Mood Enhancers

Nobody can deny the aesthetic value the flowering plants add to the office space. Certainly, the silk flowers are no less, they are not only realistic looking and have the ability to enhance and brighten up the mood of any dull corner of your office. Many studies have indicated the connection of these flowers in changing the vibe and ambiance. These silk flower arrangements are certainly capable of bringing things to life. Since they are fuss free and require minimal maintenance, hence they offer an ideal option for enhancing office or hotel corridors and in creating soothing visuals.

No seasonal woes

Artificial flowering plants are not season bound, and thus one need not wait year long for flowering to occur. Moreover, they won't wilt if not given proper sunlight or subjected to harsh climatic conditions. One can continue to enjoy the alluring beauty of the flowers at any time of year. Moreover, many real flowers are slow bloomers like Kurniji and silk flowers offer a better alternative. One can buy turquoise flowers or blue artificial orchids and decorate the receptions or conference halls to impart the beautiful nature's touch.

Light on Budget

Undoubtedly, these pretty flower arrangements look delicate, yet they do not wear out easily. They are durable and have a long life, unlike the real flowering plants. They manage to look vibrant for years. These faux flowering plants are the one-time investment and don't need expensive fertilizers, pesticides or soil replacements. All one need is regular dusting and voila these silk plants always manage to look new. Your clients will appreciate your expensive taste, but these plants won't be expensive in your pocket. They are inexpensive, and the long list of benefits offered by them makes them value for money deal.


It scores full marks in the durability department. These artificial flowering plants have a long life and do not attract insects or molds. With these plants in your office, you do not have to worry about sunlight or water. They not only create a style statement but also take care of all hygiene issues. These flowers don't spread pollen, and hence one need not worry about the pollen allergies. Moreover, they are made of plastic hence; they do not attract insects and pests. Thereby, easing the whole maintenance process and increasing the overall life of these plants.

Promotes Creativity

Many studies have indicated the link between the presence of plants and the productivity of employees. So keeping the faux flowering plants in your office helps in accomplishing more in lesser time. These plants not only lend an aesthetic value to the place but also help in people staying more focused and stress-free. Many argue that it is the real plants which help in increasing the productivity, creativity and lowering the stress. However, the results suggested that the mere presence of plants and foliage help in achieving the same. Hence the artificial plants are a viable option as they too create a calmer state of mind.

Magic of Personal Touch

If you are not interested in the standard faux plants, we offer then you can get it customized the way you want. You can order a particular size of the faux plant or get a particular number of flowers on every branch. We offer 100% custom made flowering plants catering to the needs of our customers. You can always communicate your requirements and get a customized faux flowering plant.