ThermaLeaf®'s Faux Boxwood Products - They're Beautiful; They're Durable; They're Perfect

BoxwoodBoxwood is considered one of the top landscaping plant that can add a gracious and refreshing element to a commercial space. Boxwood is utilized invite variety of ways in establishing perfect commercial yard. With its dense green leaves, it can create a lush green surrounding for your any office or commercial space. Even in artificial landscaping, it is utilized to create a wide range of plants and foliage. Artificial boxwood has been loved by most of the commercial owners as the preferred convenient means of enhancing the space. Whether you want to create a green surface or want to create an elegant piece of décor to your indoor or outdoor area, boxwood can add all kinds of artful creatures to your space.

ThermaLeaf® – Reliable Boxwood Manufacturer

ThermaLeaf® is a trademarked brand my Commercial Silk Intl offering the highest quality and safest artificial landscaping products throughout the USA. Their products have been recognized as the best landscaping solutions for commercial environments. ThermaLeaf®'s products are widely utilized by almost every kind of commercial space or office, ranging from a retail store, warehouse, wholesale store, amusement parks, water parks, hotels, restaurants, corporate spaces and more. ThermaLeaf® also offers wonderful quality faux boxwood products in an enormous range. Each of their boxwood products has unique elegance, grace, and freshness. Manufactured with utmost care and attentiveness, they set the industry standards in offering quality products.

Types of Boxwood Products by ThermaLeaf®

Artificial boxwood by ThermaLeaf® replicate the exact looks of real boxwood. The products are manufactured and designed with such creativity that no one can even figure out any difference. Also, ThermaLeaf® is a brand known to produce fire retardant products using the latest technology. They make use of various fire-retardant chemicals and impregnate them while manufacturing in the raw material thus resulting in a 100% fire safe solution for your commercial environment. This feature lets all the ThermaLeaf® products prevent the fire from spreading all around. ThermaLeaf® offers you a wide array of faux boxwood products ranging from mats, topiaries, walls, hedges and much more. Let's have a look below at different kinds of boxwood products that ThermaLeaf® has to offer you.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges are one of the most popular landscaping products utilized by almost all commercial spaces. Ranging from hotels, restaurants, parks, retail stores and all, these are widely used to make the space green as well as organized. Artificial hedges made up of boxwood are a highly versatile product that you can add to your space not only to add a decorative piece to your settings but to also organize your space and divide in the manner, you want. These work perfectly to create partitions of a larger space to create a segmented area for different activities. Like, sometimes you may see this setting in restaurants, where boxwood hedges are placed in line to create a privatized area indoor. Also, in amusement parks, most divisions in outdoor space is created using such hedges.

Faux Boxwood Topiaries by ThemaLeaf®

Topiaries are the artful elements of any landscape that are considered the ornamental plants of a lawn. ThermaLeaf® manufactures and offers a vast selection of artificial topiaries designed with faux boxwood. You can choose from a vast range of shapes and designs ranging from cone, spirals, balls, square and more. All these shapes look stunning in both indoor as well as outdoor area. ThermaLeaf®'s selection of artificial topiaries is not limited up to just these standard topiaries, but you can also have custom topiaries designed for your space. Whether you want to showcase your logo, any alphabet, a special symbol or your favorite animal, every kind of shape can be given to boxwood topiaries to form the suitable topiary as per your desire.

Artificial Boxwood Mats to Form Green Surface

A green surface gives your space a feel of refreshment and natural touch. To add a lush green color splash to your commercial outdoor or indoor, ThermaLeaf® has designed wonderful boxwood mats so that you can establish a lawn with energetic greenery all around. Whether you want to cover your ugly outdoor surface or want to add a wide horizontal landscape to your area, these artificial boxwood mats are an ideal choice for everything. These mats are ideal for commercial as well as residential settings. You can have perfect boxwood mat suitable as per availability of your space. These are flexible enough to cut and lay anywhere in your space as per your preferences. Moreover, ThermaLeaf® professionals make sure that these get ideally installed in your space without any hassle.

Artificial Boxwood Green Walls

Have you got bored of your ugly look vertical walls? Or does your commercial space have any unwanted sight that you want to hide elegantly? ThermaLeaf® has an answer to all such questions that is artificial boxwood walls. They offer, highly well designed and manufactured vertical green walls for your space that you can use to create a lush green vertical area to enhance your landscape. If you want to add a blend of colors to these walls, you can have colorful flowers added to the boxwood greenery. These walls can be used to hide any unwanted flaws of building, ugly sight coming from outside area or for having a privatized area on the two sides. These walls are ideal for all kinds of commercial environments.

Artificial Shrubs, Bushes, and Hanging Plants

Want to add the beauty of boxwood in the form of creative plants? ThermaLeaf® has different kinds of artificial shrubs, bushes, artificial hanging plants and more to offer your commercial space. The densely designed dark green leaves of boxwood, organized in the form of hanging plants, bushes and more look just awesome and can give your space a stunning refreshment and energy. Whether you place them outdoors, entryway or any empty corner of your building, these will define the style of your business in the best way.