ThermaLeaf® - Technologically Advanced and Aesthetically Superlative Landscaping Products

DecorWhen one considers choosing indoor and artificial outdoor plants and trees for one's landscape, the safety is the most common topic of worry, as the faux plants are made up of plastic or similar material and also are highly light weighted. Especially for commercial landscapes, products need to be chosen with utmost care and attention. When talking about reliability and innovation, ThermaLeaf® is the only choice among all artificial landscaping lovers. ThermaLeaf® is a brand that manufactures trademarked foliage under Commercial Silk Int'l, offering landscaping products for years.

ThermaLeaf® foliage has been known as a highly innovative, reliable and fire retardant faux landscaping products line. Although numerous brands in the market that also claim their products to be fire retardant but ThermaLeaf® has placed itself on the top of the lost due to its tested and trusted product line. Whether you need to purchase fake trees for outdoor, indoor, artificial hedge panels or anything, ThermaLeaf® backs up all the products with lifetime fire retardant properties. This special property possesses by their line makes them, highly innovative, reliable and safe solutions in the market.

How ThermaLeaf® Makes A Difference?

The brand other than ThermaLeaf® that claim to be offering fire retardant landscaping products usually treats their artificial foliage by dipping or spraying fire retardant chemical solutions. The fire retardant treatment is executed as an after-market application. This kind of treatment leaves a discolored a d spotty film over the products thus degrading the foliage and making their surface tacky that attracts dust. Instead of following this procedure, ThermaLeaf® creates its Inherently Fire Retardant foliage by following a manufacturing procedure in which, fire retardant chemicals are infused into the raw material. At the time when the material is injected into the mold, the chemicals are blended with Plastic or PVC parts, and the fabric thus resulting in the highly advanced and safest artificial plants and trees in the market. The procedure utilized by ThermaLeaf® makes a difference in their product quality as compared to others.

Realistic Looking Products

Lifelike and realistic looks are the identity of ThermaLeaf® products. The top quality raw material is utilized to manufacture ThermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees that replicate the looks of real foliage and can create an illusion of living landscape. The leaves of all products have been created using silk material while highest grade plastic or PVC is utilized to create trunks. The highly professional craftsmanship involved in the manufacture make these artificial plants almost realistic looking. These products can create a wonderful landscape for your interior as well as exterior.

Weather Proof Products That Live Long

Another innovative and major advantage incorporated into the complete line of ThermaLeaf® foliage is that they are weatherproof. Whether you place them outdoors or indoors, they can withstand all types environmental conditions effectively without losing their charm. No matter how much harsh weather they have to encounter, these will keep making your place look adorable for years. All type of ThermaLeaf® foliage does not lose color or fade when exposed to rain, snowfall, sunlight, UV radiation and even more. All these weatherproof features of faux landscaping products by ThermaLeaf® add years to their lives.

No Maintenance Requirements

When you think about landscaping, the only thing that will be surely disturbing you is the maintenance requirements. But unlike real landscaping, with all ThermaLeaf® products, you need not worry about their upkeep and maintenance. They don't demand to water, pruning, cutting, fertilizing and more. ThermaLeaf® artificial products are also manufactured giving soft and supple surface so that they can have negligible or no dust build up. It means you won't have to trouble about frequent dusting or cleaning. Once in a while dusting would be sufficient for ThermaLeaf® artificial solutions.

Where can ThermaLeaf® Products be Used?

All the ThermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees can be used in a wide variety of ways. From regular day to day workplace decor to special occasion decorations, these are ideal for everything. Some of the popular commercial places where these ThermaLeaf® products are installed include decorations for restaurants, hotels, offices, office waiting areas, receptions, swimming pool areas, theme parks, entertainment centers, Jacuzzi areas, lobbies and more. In addition to these, ThermaLeaf® products are also popular to be installed in villas, bungalows, coffee shops, lounges, pubs, bars and much more. Due to their strength and safety assurance, they have been used widely around various commercial and residential areas.

ThermaLeaf® Product Varieties

You can find all types of artificial landscaping products with ThermaLeaf® ranging from small to large trees, fake topiary plants, flowers, indoor plants, vines and more foliage.

Artificial Tree Varieties - The line of artificial fire retardant trees of ThermaLeaf® includes, artificial pine trees, imitation bonsai trees, tropical trees, palms, silk bamboo trees and much more.

Artificial Plants - Artificial hanging plants, custom plants, artificial vines, grasses. Within these ThermaLeaf® plant categories, there are numerous other options available that you can utilize for your day to day decor as well as special occasions.

Artificial Topiaries - Different forms of topiaries by ThermaLeaf® include, spirals, cones, balls and more. Besides these standard topiary plants, you can get custom topiaries created in the way you want. Whether you want your logo to be showcased, animal topiary or anything, you can achieve the desired topiary shapes with ThermaLeaf® products.

Artificial Flowers - The range of ThermaLeaf® flower products is also very huge. The flower line consists of dahlias, daisies, sunflowers, lotus, orchids, roses, lilies and much more. They all look just realistic and can make your space heaven.

ThermaLeaf® Silk Foliage – The vast selection of ThermaLeaf®'s fire retardant foliage consists of artificial bushes, silk topiaries, cactus and succulents, flowering, leaves and branches, artificial grass, garlands, hanging plants and similar greenery. All these products deliver you a great deal of money as well as quality amazingly.