Things People Get Wrong When They Move Homes

Decorative Palm TreesMoving a bigger house and changing to a better lifestyle is a good thing to do. But there are many things to keep in mind. The things that have to be packed. The things that you need not bring along with you to your new house. There are even some new things you will have to add to your new home. In the process of doing these, you might make a few mistakes. They can be avoided if you check them out patiently. 

So, here are a few things people get wrong when they move homes:

Wall colors and paints

Wall colors and paints come in various colors and shades. The colors which are dark and the colors which are light do not always fit in every place. There can be a chance of your old wall color combination not fitting or looking adaptable to your new house. First, check with the professional designers to know what suits your know walls the best. 

If you already have painted your new house walls and are not satisfied, then go for artificial vines or plastic ivy leaves. Artificial vines are like ferns and will stick to the wall like a climber plant. Plastic ivy leaves look like small jungle leaves which will help you to cover the unwanted wall color in style. A most important advantage is that they are customizable so you can even create designs with them. 

Interior decors

The interior decors are not limited to any one thing. There are lots of varieties in the interior decorations. There are even theme made or occasion made decors. You could have had many interior decors but do not take them all. The trend changes almost every 20 years. So, discard all the seasonal decorations and bring something which has stayed in the trend of interior design for a long time now. For example, artificial silk trees.

Artificial silk trees are the trees which are made mostly of silk material. They give the most realistic appeal. They make your place look lush and fresh. For newly moved home along with excitement, there should be peace. Artificial silk trees bring in calmness and relaxing atmosphere to the place. So, do not go wrong to bring in the interior decors. 

Locks to all the exterior doors

The locks of the exterior doors have to be changed before you move in. The reason being many people would have the duplicates of the door. Who knows if they are giving you all the keys of the door or not. So, change the lock of the door first. This is the first safety measurement one should take before moving to a new home. 

Check plumbing leaks

The plumb work is not so exciting but most needed work. Check if the water channels and drainage channels are well designed. Before you move in, once, check with the plumb work of the house. Without any hesitation along with the concerned plumber check if there are any leaks. If there are nay get them fixed. If you think your new house does not look good with these leakage fixation marks, then there is an excellent way to cover it. 

Faux boxwood mats were basically created to cover damages, leaks, and breaks beautifully. They are created with metallic wires in a box shape with artificial leaves. The box part of the faux boxwood mats is placed over the damaged area. So, when somebody sees it as décor and will not be able to see the leak. 

Steam clean carpets

Carpets are something we don’t think of for a new home. So, just get your old carpets steam clean. The fresh atmosphere is important in a new house. So, everything has to be fresh or at least made appeal fresh.  There are some professional cleaners who steam clean your carpets perfectly. They are not very costly. So, get your carpets steam clean before you move into a new home. 

Wipeout cabinets

The cabinets of your house would have undergone a procedure during its preparation and fixation. So, there will definitely be dust and dirt. It will not help later if you do not clean before you place your things. Before you move in your things and dump them inside the cabinets, clean them. If you think you cannot do it, get some cleaners to work on it.

Learning about breaker box 

The breaker box is essential for every house. The regular check on this box is necessary. Before you move to your new home, check with the breaker box. Learn some basic and important operations in the box. Also, check if all the wire connections are made well. Usually, they are situated inside the first room of the house or at the exterior wall of the house. So, they might deduce the beauty of your new house interior or exterior. So, it will be a good idea to cover or hide your breaker box. 

The breaker box can be hidden or covered with the help of artificial vines and plastic ivy leaves. The tiny leaves will make the place look beautiful and lively. So, nobody will even feel there might be breaker box under them. They are customizable which makes your work to fit the box is made simple. Artificial vines and plastic ivy leaves are like ferns which look realistic. It appears to be a décor which will secretly hide your breaker box. 

Get rid of pests

An empty house is an excellent opportunity to get rid of pets completely. As the house is open for the visibility of the movement of the pets will be easy for you to catch them or trick them. You can spray or use poison cakes to get rid of them. This will help you to have a clean and pest-free new home. 


Above is the discussion about few things on how people get wrong when they move homes. They are simple to understand and analyze. You can follow all of them to keep yourself away from committing such wrong things.