Top 10 Artificial Plants and Flowers to Upgrade Your Restaurant

Top 10 Artificial Plants And Flowers To Upgrade Your RestaurantWhy should anyone come to your restaurant than someone else’s? The Menu? Seating? Smiles on the faces of people serving the food? Well, these are factors that most restaurants carefully choose nowadays. It is an age of restaurant hunting.

So let us give restaurants a feature that stands apart from anything the visitors have seen more often. Let us bring them closer to nature while they enjoy your lovely dishes.

Here are 10 carefully chalked out plants and flowers which although artificial can bring about a lot of changes in your entire décor.

The age of plastic flowers

Well, they may not have the same fragrance and exact color coating as the real flowers in a garden, when you can have artificial flowers all around your restaurant, why not incorporate them?

Put an aquarium in your restaurant, some classic fishes and put in a range of sea plastic flowers and weeds in it. Spend on the fishes and let the plastic plants make them and your customers happy.

If fish keepers can get away with them, so can you. The aquarium can be your choice and so can the sea plants. Plus who is to know what lies within the water.

The smoothness of silk                                                         

We all know what palm trees make us feel like. The mere name brings about assign of coolness, probably from the best of the beach trips we have had.

Get a similar feeling for your restaurant too. Along with fantastic seafood dishes on your menu Silk palm trees are a fantastic addition to the vibe. Some aboriginal palm trees like a golden cane or even areca are widely found in the market.

Because these trees are pretty tall, they are perfect for the entrance of your restaurant.  

A little green by Eucalyptus wreath

Invite a tinge of greenery through the Eucalyptus Wreath. If you can grab Neptune at the handwoven ones what better. There is a story to tell about art and craft along with the beauty of these cute roundels.

The best part about this artificial plant is its light weight which is super easy to hang anywhere you wish to. Ever imagined a light hanging from a fake plant? Well, now, you have it.

This wreath will usher a feeling of togetherness and bonding, the cycle of life.

The not-so-scary snake plant

While you may not have a large audience enjoy a snake in your restaurant, a snake plant will definitely bring the alter emotion. With minimalistic upkeep, you have these small plants on ceramic pots and place them at the center table.

Add some pebbles for that fresh look, and these plants will be just as alluring as real. Often it comes in a bi-color of green and yellow which makes it so different from the other plants.

You also get them in green and white- perfect if you plan to have a small reading section in your restaurant. These are pure bookshelf or reading table materials.

The fountain of fern

Empty window panes? Curtains will surely add depth to it but adding some Boston ferns is the best way to bring in lush greenery into your restaurant.

If you have an open restaurant, then you can put some wooden tables which are not for people to sit but a small display of garden with mini plants like Boston fern.

Even in close commercial restaurant ferns are perfect as side table centerpieces. The cost is much lesser than any centerpiece, but the class is up to the mark.

Rosemary-The companion to a chef show

With the age of scrutiny, many restaurants have an open display of their culinary arts. If you are in the same race, then having an artificial rosemary or herb plant should be your first pick. Its fragrance will reach the audience without its real existence.

Its stark realism will not even make your to-be learner/visitors wonder about its reality. It is just a worthy addition to your pride in showing how the true magic of cooking is created.

Pocket size powerhouse succulent plant

Succulent plants may not be standing high, but their small size is what makes them a winner of a small restaurant. Clear up all your tables and just put one of these plants with a good table cloth. You need nothing more now but a nicely cooked warm dish.

A botanical experience is what waits for your restaurant customers because of the sheer variety of succulent.  To make this best fake plant real, add some earthy pot to it, which comes in super affordable cost.

The magic of flower stems

Wall panels and graphics are the best sellers. Ever thought of having ‘A wall of artificial flower stems’ in your wall décor? The joy of spring is what it will bring to your restaurant. Beautiful white flower petals with jade stems are a sign of peace.

They have no fear of fading way and represent health and heart forever.

Artificial Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are so famous, but they have a bad temperament. Keeping them alive is an everyday tension.

Did you know that there are so many Bonsai fake plants in Walmart? They look so authentic that hardly you can differentiate fake from real.  Now you know how to fill all the indoor spaces of your restaurant.

A rare orchid

So many movie themes were based on the elegance of orchids that it needs no special mentioning. You do not have to cross oceans to get hold of these rare species of flowers.  

Artificial orchids and their pretty white blossoms will give an instant urbanity to your décor.

These carefully chosen flowers and plants are so realistic in touch and feel that would pass the test of authenticity in the first attempt. They do not need, sunlight, water or any absolute natural factors to behold their beauty and durability.

All you have to do is some subtle maintenance like dusting once in a while as per your time and convenience. Is there anything easier to bring nature to your doors of profit?