Top 10 Décor Tips to Make Your Restaurant Swanky

Top 10 Decor Tips To Make Your Restaurant SwankyIt is most of us who fall into the category of entering a restaurant for its décor as much for the food it serves. The menu matters for sure, but the eye meets the walls first then the dishes on the plate.

There are many ways to style your own restaurant keeping in mind your target audience. At times the magnitude of options is what confuses us. Unlike a café, a restaurant has a lot more elements incorporated.

Scroll through to give yourself the best décor tips and make your restaurant as elegant as Chesterfield.

A uniform style of color

Having a uniform color on all four sides of the wall is the cheapest way to bring in some class to your restaurant. A wall is a vast space you can cover that up by having lighter and darker grid lines of the same color.

Imagine a grey base coat with black grid lines on them. You can also go pink and red. Just ensure that the base color is lighter. You do not want everything else to seem dull just because of over-bright wall distemper.

Remember there is a floor too. That is a huge space to cover up. How about some well-known checks on the floor? With a homogenous color on the wall, the floor will be the one to speak colors!

Go slow on the light

A restaurant is a place where people want to spend some quality time, probably with close ones. Give them this privacy.

Small table lamps on each table, right at the center emits just enough light to see what is on the plate and the face sitting opposite.

Who does not fantasize candlelight dinner? Have some candles or just one big scented candle on each table as the sun sets down and the romantic moon rises.

A trip to the Victorian era

Your seating arrangement will determine a large lot of your décor. There can go nothing wrong with a Victorian style of seating arrangement. Arrange your tables and chairs in perfectly straight lines. You can choose cubicles too.

Having tall chairs and wooden tables will take your customers to another era of dining. Add some velvet cushions to your chairs, probably bright colored crimson ones.

There are lots of Victorian-era inspired crockery sets available. Top up your table with them for a complete look.

Drink it away

No restaurant is complete without an excellent wine cellar. Although you always have the option of bringing the drink with the food, the display of age-old wine all in a classic cellar is just a must-have.

You do not have to spend a lot to have a cellar on the corner can have varnished wooden planks fitted onto the wall. Show off the collection of wine you have. Let your visitors see that you know your taste.

The breeze from greens

Since you are sorted with table lamps, you have your ceiling empty for some silk flower arrangements. It is a very graceful touch to overall décor. Spend some cash on high-quality silk flowers hanging at the rim of your entrance.

This will still cost a lot lesser than getting real plants. Even though they are fake, silk flowers look very real.

The tropical touch

It is strange that shells, something we all pick up on the beach are hardly used as a décor constituent. Shells come for real cheap but add such poise to the whole ambiance.

You can choose to paint your shells in bright colors and have wall hangings, wall accent elements or decorate every table stand with them. Or, shells by themselves have such soothing color that you can use them right from the seashore.

Plus you can have some silk flower bouquets to support the shells.

The chic of wooden foundations

Throw in a variety of wooden structure in your restaurant to make it look swanky. You can have cabinets right on the central dining space. You do not need to hide your storage items. The cabinets will be well appreciated.

You can also have wooden frames all along the wall panel.  In fact, why not have a wall dedicated to woods? If your seating is black and white, which many prefer, this is near perfect pick.

The melody mood

Don’t we all have a T.V or a music system on while we eat at home? Why? Because some audio or visual addition is an excellent companion to food.

You can have a stage where live music performance can happen every evening. What is beauty without culture? Some cultural songs mixed with modern numbers will make your eaters dancers.

Do have a good light on the stage, people need to see who is playing up there.

The drape culture

Curtains are not just for covering the glass panes of windows. They can add some real charm to your restaurant.

An ethnic fabric which talks about the tribes or village life of the geography is a story in itself. You can also have floral printed fabrics or even net curtains.

This can go not just on windows and doors, but they can be used as dividers for your separate sections in the restaurant.

Say “Cheese” board

Over a table of supper so much can happen; A proposal, a fight, a make-up, a birthday, an anniversary or just a time out. Capture all these moments so that people come to your place again and again. Make this their “special” destination.

A big frame where all pictures of your customers go up is a way of silently telling them they are always welcomed at your restaurant. Watch the smiles on their faces when they see the images, a memory brush.

You can also have a small photo booth where they can click their own pictures and put them up.

You can now have a grand opening to your newly created grand restaurant. No one needs to know how easy it was to make the changes around, and they can spend their worthy time appreciating the décor and having your mouth watering dish.

So yes, all the décor once taken care of, have a Menu card that looks appealing. Maybe carved out the menu on wooden planks would just be another reason to pull those diggers of classy food places.