Top 10 New Year Gifting Options for Men

Top 10 New Year Gifting Options for MenThe tradition of sending gifts to the friends, family members, and relatives on the eve of the New Year is so deeply rooted that it made exchanging gifts an integral part of the colorful New Year celebration in the USA. A plethora of gifts are available, and this makes finding the best New Year gift for your beloved challenging.  Whatever you want to gift to the nearest and dearest man depends on his personal preferences and at the same time that should resemble the deep love and bonding shared. Keeping this in mind, the following lines will give you some New Year gifting options for men that you may try.

1. Designer leather wallet

A leather wallet is the all day companion of men. Men of all ages use wallets for keeping cash and carrying cards. This is their personal space, and besides the utility parameters, a leather wallet also adds to his style. This is also one of the most adorable things a man loves. These are available in many attractive designs. Choosing a designer leather wallet on the New Years Eve for your beloved will show the endless love and care you have for him.

2. Modern electric shaver

Gifting a shaver to your beloved man is an excellent New Year gifting idea. Every man needs it every day. While many guys enjoy their daily shaving program, for some it is dreadful for many reasons. Modern Shavers work great and especially ideal for those having sensitive skin. So, when you gift a modern electric shaver to your man, he enjoys it and learns how much caring you are about him.

3. Special Signature Pen

Maybe your man has reached some mile stone or needs to sign important documents off and on. In such cases, he would love if you present him a special signature pen on the eve of the new years. These designer pens are very beautiful and you can get those in beautifully crafted boxes. Some of these also offer the option of engraving the name of the man on the pen for adding a personal touch.

4. Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized coffee mugs also have a special place among the New Year gifts. These coffee mugs have lovely pictured printed on them and being customized to mean for your man only, these add a personal touch and convey your love. Gift it your man, and you are sure to win his heart as he will remember you every time he drinks coffee.

5. A bottle of wine

New Year is the time to look ahead with new resolutions forgetting the past. Nothing can be better than having a bottle of wine and toasting it to welcome the coming year. Choose from the wide variety of the wines and make it special by marking the name of your man on the bottle.

6. Smart Watch

Gifting a smart watch to your man for marking the New Year is the most adorable choice to show that you care for his health. Smart watches come in attractive designs and can perform many functions other than keeping time. It records activities; pulse beat and heart rate of the wearer and your man will be delighted as he will be able to communicate with your more easily and both of you will stay connected continuously.

7. Decorating items

During the New Year, we embrace the coming year and celebrate it in a joyous mood with dazzling decorations and sending gifts to the near and dear ones. Like Christmas people also embellish their homes and offices with many innovative decorating items and for that flowers seem to be the most favorite choice. Thus, sending a decorating item is also one of the best New Year gifting ideas. You may send your man artificial flower centerpieces and flower balls as a show piece to adorn his desk or may think sending artificial orchids to your man for giving a facelift to the ambiance of his apartment, and he would surely love this.

8. Two-in-one laptop

There is no denial that the guys fall for electronic devices. Your man will love this more if he happens to be a frequent traveler, because this will allow him to perform many tasks while on the go. These versatile laptops are portable and can serve as a PC and a notebook as well. Provided with wireless connectivity these devices are very good to send New Year wishes. Gift this to your man to show your strong bonding with him.

9. VR 3D camera

While you are moving to a new year why not move to the new technology? This unique camera will let your man watch 3D videos with the headset and experience the unique sensory experiences. In case your guy is a tech savvy man and crazy about the virtual reality he will love to have this with the coming year. It fits into the smartphone, and he would thank you for being able to start his art projects.

10. Gift baskets

Presenting a gift basket is the safest option if you are sending gifts to someone for the first time and is not sure about his choices and interests. These are available in beautiful designs and can be for many items like chocolates, cookies, gourmet foods to wine. There are also some that pack many assorted items in the gift box. You can easily select whatever meets your budget from a large number of options available.