Top 10 Reasons Why ThermaLeaf®'s Fake Moss Carpet is the Perfect Purchase for Landscaping

Artificial MossFake moss can be used in various ways to bring an enchanting feeling to any interior or exterior landscapes. ThermaLeaf®'s artificial moss rolls are crafted carefully with best quality materials, and these are also available in many variants like, fake fern moss, sheet moss, cushion moss, rock cap moss, hair cap moss, etc. which can be custom made for particular clients. These are quality products at very affordable prices and are perfect for malls, hospitals, spas, casinos, restaurants, hotels and other commercial buildings.

The magic of fake moss

Landscape artists choose artificial moss to transform any landscape into the captivating scenery. Fake moss rolls and carpets can be incorporated very easily into any indoor or outdoor landscape, and they never fail to attract visitors by their charm, if used in the proper way. Fake moss carpets are becoming popular day by day as they can quickly cover up any gaps and spaces to hide unpleasant scenes in gardens, summer houses, floorings, walls, etc. Soft moss carpets feel very comfortable under bare foot and can be used in hotels, restaurants, spas, workspaces, etc. to bring a very calming feel to the surroundings.

Why ThermaLeaf®'s fake moss carpets?

Here are ten reasons to choose ThermaLeaf®'s fake moss carpets for landscaping

1. ThermaLeaf® products are inherently fire retardant and UV safe. ThermaLeaf® technology is one of the most reliable technologies known in the market for being fire retardant. The clients get a lifetime guaranty of fire safety by using these artificial moss rolls or any other products from ThermaLeaf®. Fake plants producers treat their products chemically to coat them from outside for making them fire safe, and this coating can wear off over time, making the products vulnerable to fire and extreme temperatures. However, in the case of ThermaLeaf® products the materials itself, from which the artificial botanical beauties are made, gets treated for fire retardant properties at a very early stage, so that the customers can get fire safety guaranty for the lifetime.

2. ThermaLeaf® products are very cost effective as they provide quality products with fire safety guaranty and they last for years. The leaves, trunks and other elements of the fake fall trees, plants, mosses, etc. are not treated for fire retardant properties after market application because that causes a thin film formation on the top layer of the products, which look unappealing and even attracts dust. These products are made with artificial foliages that are UV safe, and hence they make the excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

3. These fake, yet natural looking moss, trees, and plants look indistinguishable from the natural ones as they are made with good quality and commercial grade raw materials. Buying these products will not only ensure that the landscape looks realistic but also takes care of the fire safety regulations that all commercial buildings must follow, which includes both national and international fire safety codes. 

4. ThermaLeaf® artificial moss rolls are gaining popularity in the market because of their strength and structural integrity. These can be easily used over walls, floors, tables and any other surfaces without much hassle. They are lightweight and can be pleasantly handled without any special need of instruments. The strength of these fake moss carpets comes from the commercial grade raw materials used in them, and the structural integrity ensures that they are perfect for malls, restaurants, casinos and other commercial buildings where these can be easily exploited and mishandled because of their natural look and soft feel.

5. Soft rugs and carpets bring a cozy and comfortable feel to any surroundings and what can be better than ThermaLeaf® fake moss carpets, as they provide safety and beauty together without cutting a hole in the pocket. These fake moss mats can be placed in summerhouses, gardens, spas, etc. to lift up the moods of visitors and make them feel closer to nature. 

6. Unlike natural moss which is tough to grow and needs specific environmental conditions like all other naturally growing plants and trees, these fake moss carpets need only the setup time to beautify any interior or exterior landscapes. Natural moss takes nutrients from the air, and thus they are almost impossible to grow in interiors with air conditioned environments. Fake moss carpets need no maintenance at all and come with the added benefit of no requirement for watering, fertilizing and keeping away pests and mites which are often attracted by organic matter and can even cause a spread of diseases.

7. Custom made artificial moss, trees, plants are available at ThermaLeaf®, and thus the clients can come up with any abstract ideas and shapes for the moss rolls and they will be provided with the same product that they want for their specific landscaping needs. 

8. These artificial moss rolls are known for their multiple uses and versatility. These can be easily used to cover up any unappealing space that the client might want to hide. They can be used to cover the walls and boundaries, to enhance the greenery of any space. Using them as carpets, door mats, table mats, etc. are also some of the ways in which they can be used.

9. All Themaleaf products are very durable, making them a popular choice for artificial landscaping products among the landscape artists. The long lasting properties of these fake moss carpets ensures that they are worth every penny spend on buying them. 

10. These artificial moss rolls are very easy to install, and they do not require any particular types of equipment for set up. These are very lightweight and can be easily shifted around without any hassle. The artificial moss rolls are very flexible and can be easily folded into a roll, which makes them easier to shift and ensures that they take up tiny space while moving.