Top 10 ThermaLeaf® Products Nobody Can Get Enough Of

Pine TreeWith a huge variety of available products it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose for specific landscaping needs, but over the years some artificial plants have remained favorites of landscape artists.

The growing demands of specific products

There are thousands of products available in Thermaleaf® with limitless options for customizations, and still, there are a few artificial plants that are worth mentioning because they are never out fashion for landscaping purposes. Irrespective of the fact that the commercial grade materials used for making the products and care taken to follow the intricate details of each of the elements to make the products look absolutely natural and indistinguishable from the real plants remains same for all the products, there are some faux botanical beauties that have made it to this list because of their increasing popularity and persistent demand over the years.

Here are the top 10 Thermaleaf® products that nobody can get enough of

1. Faux Hedges is a very common sight in restaurants, hotels, casino, hospitals, café's, etc. These can be beautifully and flawlessly molded to cover up any backbone shape. Faux Boxwood mats are mostly used for this purpose, and the popular shapes are dolphins, elephants and other animals in theme parks. These can also be used effectively as boundaries for separating private properties or simply creating a distinct space in the gardens. A lot of roadside café's also using artificial boxwood hedges to provide a sense of privacy and at the same time creating an atheistically soothing green environment for the customers.

2. Artificial pine trees look stunning in lifelike sizes and serve as great decorative for the festive seasons. Being absolutely fire retardant, these faux pine trees can be adorned with lightings to make them look really beautiful and festival ready. ThermaLeaf® products are made to suit national and international fire regulation standards and they also follow the strict Utah state fire code. Setting up natural pine trees in commercial provinces can be difficult as they take years to grow. These faux pine trees are hassle-free to set up with the added benefit that they can be moved around the workplace.

3. The demand for ThermaLeaf® vines just never seems to end because of their popularity among landscape artists for decorating summer houses and gardens. These are also cleverly used as interior decorations to hide any imperfection on walls or to hide outside view from the visitors. These vines bring an exotic feel to the environment and are sure to uplift the moods of visitors with their lush green leaves that look real. Moreover, using artificial vines will help you get rid of the potential problems associated with natural vines like causing damp in the walls, attracting pests, etc.

4. The splendor of lush green faux Areca palm trees is sure to bring an exotic tropical feel to commercial spaces like hotels, casinos, and malls. These are available in a variety of customizable sizes to fit any interior or exterior landscape. Their popularity resides in the fact that these are well suited for both formal occasions like decorating boarding rooms in office to prepare it for meetings and informal occasions like office parties etc.

5. Growing bamboo reeds in restricted air-conditioned environments are pretty much impossible, and thus faux bamboo plants from ThermaLeaf® make excellent decorative in such cases. These indoor or outdoor artificial bamboo plants look stunning when grouped in numbers. Manufactured with the best quality commercial grade materials, fake bamboo plants are very durable and lightweight so that the clients can move them across the workspace without any hassle.

6. Bushes and artificial topiary plants are well suited for Italian garden designs, and at the same time, they are popular for achieving contemporary settings for commercial spaces. Outdoor faux topiaries are gaining popularity over the years because of their versatile nature and limitless customization options. Various colorful natural bushes and topiary plants are increasingly becoming replaced by their artificial botanical counterparts due to their little or no requirements for maintenance.

7. Artificial Ficus trees bring a sense of tranquility to any interior or exterior setups and are thus preferred in several commercial spaces. The wholesale pricing rates at Themaleaf make these extremely affordable for the clients. Their lush green cover and ability to transform dull landscapes into soothing ones are the main reasons behind their demand.

8. Artificial mosses deliver a feeling of love and warmth in the surroundings and are sure to catch the attention of the visitors. Mosses are tough and almost impossible to grow naturally through human efforts as they need complete dormancy and lots of nutrients as well as humid weather conditions. Thus it is convenient to use fake mosses for decoration purposes.

9. Bonsai trees are very famous for decorations in restaurants, interior spaces, and vertical gardening. These look beautiful but it needs a lot of patience to restrict the growth of trees in pots, and thus fake bonsai trees make the perfect choice for both interior and exterior decorations. Crafted with care, these fake bonsai trees are made keeping in mind the very intricate details of natural bonsai trees to make them indistinguishable from the real ones. Cherry blossom, artificial Japanese maple, Cedar, and Podocarpus are few of the famous variants that are very popular among the landscape artists.

10. Artificial cactus and succulents are a great and unique way to jazz up both interior and exterior environments. These come in a range of forms and sizes that are customizable to suit the specific needs of the location. Fake cactus and succulents can be used effortlessly to decorate boundaries, and they will also help serve security purposes. These bring a very charming and yet rustic desert vibe to any location. Since all the products from ThermaLeaf® are fire retardant and are manufactured by blending chemicals which make them UV safe, they are perfect even for hot and dry climatic conditions.