Trending Accessories 2015 - Artificial Plants and Trees

artificial plantsPlants and trees are a great decorative accessory to have around and contribute greatly to any home or commercial décor. But a big problem that always looms on your head is their maintenance. With good decorative skills and choosing decision you can perfectly incorporate artificial plants, trees and flowers in your home decorations. Artificial plants these days are available for both commercial and home decor. If you want to set the right mood any room, use the different varieties of these artificial beauties that are more charming than the natural ones. 

Today, the most widely used enhancing accessory of any home is artificial plants. Many people are switching from natural plants to fake ones for various reasons.

  • The artificial plants and trees designed today look more realistic than their real counterpart, and people often are deceived by its resemblance. Its life like feeling is something that is much more eye catching than anything else. 
  • If you are still disagreeing that that nothing can replace the charm of a fresh flower or plant, then the next time you go to a mall or restaurants, do not forget to check the flowers and plants displayed over there. You will be amazed to see that most of the flowers and plants decorated there are artificial ones. And, even still if you find them real, try touching it, all your doubts would be cleared. 
  • They can easily fit in any empty space in your home and at office as well. For this you just need to take simple measurement of the open area to ensure you don’t order a larger plant that doesn’t fit. Faux plants are perfect for bringing a touch of life to your living room, plus they are virtually maintenance free. Just look for that perfect open space in your home or office and place beautiful artificial foliage to lighten up the room.
  • If look at any home décor magazine or blogs regarding decorative accessory, artificial option was the most preferred everywhere.  Be it the weddings, events, corporate meeting, commercial landscaping, public places and homes, all these spaces heavily equipped artificial greenery in and around them this year, thus making it the trending decorative accessory for 2015.  
  • Artificial plants and trees have also one very important reason to get incorporated into your home and commercial establishment, and this reason is fire retardant artificial plants and trees. We, at ThermaLeaf proudly endorse these factors and only manufacture and design fire retardant artificial plants, complying with all the safety hazards. Artificial plants have damaged many homes and people residing in them. But not now as each and every variety of our artificial foliage, flowers, plants and trees is tested, before sold to you.
  • There are still some individuals who call artificial arrangements a cheap imitation of the real ones and associate artificial plants as plastic looking. However, be rest assured now as artificial plant making and design techniques have come a long way in terms of their production. Much advancement has been made in the way a silk or artificial plant is manufactured. We as a registered and a trademark company utilize designers who pay special attention to every minute detail so your plants never look fake, and have an everlasting lifelike feel to it.