Unusual Ways to Display Your Silk Flowers

Unusual Ways to Display Your Silk FlowersWhenever you take up a DIY project to remodel your home or commercial space with artificial flowers, it’s not necessary that you follow the traditional decorative guidelines. In fact, there are many unusual or out of the box themes, which you can very aptly implement in your surroundings. 

Silk flowers are as beautiful as they are lifelike. The large balls of delicate artificial flowers can quickly fill a vase or container to create a stunning accent for any room in your home.

If you are tired of looking at the same setting of flowers over and over throughout your home every day, try out these unexpected ideas.

Fill up the wall mounted television space

Wall mounted television sets are great because your TV is up and tucked out of the way. But what will you do with that odd space between the bottom of the television, and the top of the entertainment box? 

For this you can line up a nice range of artificial flowers and plants under the television. This will not only hide those unwanted cords, but will bring a soft, feminine touch to an otherwise hard, utilitarian area that is most of the times overlooked by many. An unusual decorative way, to embellish a gloomy area of your abode.

Outfit those Glass Jars

Glass jars are present in every home and most of time, knowingly or unknowingly we totally miss out to make an efficient use of them after they are used. Instead of throwing away those glass jars, breathe new life into them with some charming silk plants, flowers and stems. For this DIY project, you can leave the inside part clear or can paint it with acrylic craft paint. And as fake flowers don’t require any watering, your possibilities of using this unusual place to decorate your home are endless. Use glass beads, buttons, wine corks or any other material that can fill the jars, and then, top it off with the filling of artificial flower.

Make a mouthwatering Centerpiece

Your dining room is a place where family and friends gather to have food or make it. Create a gazing table centerpiece using your favorite treat with the help of large mouth vase or bowl, and a bunch of silk flowers and stems. Remember that lemons, apples, limes, and candies make great vase filler for the kitchen or dining room. And if you feel hungry, just take one out and have a delicious snack, but do not eat the fake flowers.

A Safe Decorative Solution

Apart from giving your décor a timeless beauty and everlasting freshness, artificial flowers from ThermaLeaf also brings in a wealth of safety with itself. Keep in mind that each of our flower arrangement is made from flame resistant material, which makes the flowers absolutely safe in case of fire hazards.

A relaxing and soothing piece of decoration in every sense, our fire retardant flowers make for a great coffee table, centerpiece or a meeting room decoration at the office. Today, the craze and use of artificial flowers are just not limited for homes, but it is used in abundance at hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and commercial spaces. You name it and we have the perfect and the most sophisticated range of fire retardant artificial floral arrangements to blend with any space.