Uplift the Dull Basement without much Aggravation

BasementIf you have some spare time this weekend and are free from pre-planned meetings, try a simple weekend project to uplift the look of the basement of your home. This activity is not stressful at all, but will transform the gloomy part of your house into an activity place.

As you know, basements are always considered something that is cold and dark, but with a couple of days spend as weekend projects can virtually transform this unused extra square footage of your home into a bright place that family and friends will want to lounge in. Remember that basements once remodeled with the perfect features, will become a true extension of your home.

When we consider revamping an unused part of a house, it is first of all in shambles when you go and check it. But the good thing is you can imply some of the mess that is spread out in that basement, or which you have kept away as it has become old or out fashioned accessories and stuff. Changing your dull basement into an active place wouldn’t require much expertise, except your sense of choice.

Let us look at as to what are those important choices that you will have to do to change the look of your basement.

An office, gaming zone or Home Theater

As this extra space is nearly cut off from the house, one can easily develop this area into a fun activity place. Remember that the first step towards making a warm and inviting basement is to make sure that the extra spaced is utilized wisely.

As basements are very quiet places, they make some great space as offices or playrooms and gaming zones. No windows' mean they can become your family’s ideal room for home theaters.

Indulge in some comfy furniture units

Basements are the perfect place to use your old, outdated, oversize and overstuffed sofas and chairs, which once were neglected by you for some reasons. Or else you can go for some reused or re purposed comfortable furniture units and totally change it into a cozy room.

Once you have zeroed on how you are going to use the space, you can choose furniture which suites your desired settings. Always select furniture that is light in weight and bright in color. Use whitewashed wood and glass to keep the space from becoming too dark and dingy.

Save those legs, purchase some rugs

If you have observed, but most basements have a concrete flooring, which is covered with a thin carpet. To make your feet’s feel cozy when barefoot, layer the floor with some beautiful decorative rugs. Go for large rugs so that the kids lay on them. If you want to turn this place in a second kitchen or a craft room, then you will definitely want a rug with plenty of supportive padding.

Make use of beautiful Artificial Plants

The power of beautifully crafted artificial plant is much more than real plants today. And practically thinking natural plants don’t stand a chance in a light-starved place. Bring in a touch of greenery to your basement using elegant and charming design of silk flower arrangements, or artificial topiaries that can change the mood of your place in an instant.

Artistic artificial palm trees standing 4 or 5-foot tall in the corner of the room will add height, while bright tulip or silk hydrangeas arrangement will add the perfect decorator touch. Another advantage is fire retardant artificial plants and trees, which means they are safe as well.