Want to Make Your Office More Productive? These 10 Decor Ideas Can Help You Out

Want To Make Your Office More Productive These 10 Decor Ideas Can Help You OutNo matter how much you love your job or workplace, there’s always a point when you don’t feel the productive energy traveling through you. Your limbs, your mind, and your vision get tired, making hard work a lot harder. It is common for people to say that a change of scenery always helps in rejuvenating your mind, but the luxury of changing an office is a rare one. Rather, how about decorating your office to make it look different and help your productivity? Here are ten decor ideas to make your office more productive.

1.    Declutter

While working, it is common for us to overcrowd our desks and create a physical mess in front of us. Sometimes even misplacing items due to our mindlessness. Decluttering is probably an activity you have heard about and scoffed upon because you think no way will actually give you peace of mind. Despise to break your understanding but decluttering not just clears physical messes but also mental messes. Having a cleaner desk allows for your view and perception to have a clearer understanding of the procedure, giving you mental peace and helping your productivity.

2. Improve Lighting

Working under low or dim light creates a strain on your eye lowering your productivity and making you feel tired in the middle of the day. Low light might even cause your eyes to burn. Make sure your lighting is good so that you do not have to worry about the above happening. Rested eyes allow for more productivity due to more energy.

3. Incorporate Colours

Work life can get especially uninspiring if you work in an office that is completely whitewashed. While white is not an inherently bad color, vast and regular doses o the same makes you feel bored and tired. Add pops of color around your workplace to keep the morale high. You can hang colorful paintings or place artificial plants around your office.

4. Do Not Neglect Your Sense of Smell

With monotonous views also come monotony of smell. Sometimes, the smell of printers and paper overwhelms you. Keep a few scented candles around to not only decorate your desk but also to create a change in smell so that your mind remains engaged and does not become easily bored.

5. Spruce Up Your Office With Some Greenery

We discussed the incorporation of color earlier and plants could be used for that. However, having indoor artificial plants and small trees also helps trick your mind into believing that you are closer to nature. The reason you should invest in fake plants lies in the fact that you might be a busy person and real flora is hard to maintain. Artificial plants are the next best thing because not only do they trick your brain but also are very low maintenance.

Of course, having an artificial palm tree is not a rational option, but you can have small fake indoor trees like bonsai.

6. Do Not Be Wired Down

If you are in an office in this day and age, there is a good chance your office is technologically sound, and that means there are wires everywhere in your workplace. Here is a trick, next time you go to your office, make sure you are carrying colorful clips. Any long wires you come across your work area, clip it to make it as short as you can. Having long wires around is not only a physical hazard but is also very frustrating to have around and keep tripping on. This trick will not only save you from harm but will also keep you from being stressed out and frustrated.

7. Get a Soft Board and a To-Do List

Studies suggest that creating a to-do list the first thing upon reaching your work keeps you focused and productive. If you don’t already have one, get a soft board and place it near your desk, create a to-do list everyday and pin it on the board. Having set goals to accomplish in the day makes your brain focus and stops it from procrastinating which results in you being more productive and ready to seize the day. The list also helps you from overworking yourself to the point of burnout and exhaustion.

8. Keep Photos and Memorabilia

Working, often times is exhausting and requires a lot of your time. Your personal time during these days is close to nonexistent. Keep pictures of your loved ones on your desk and decorate your soft board with memorabilia that reminds you of cozier days. While you might not be around your loved ones and might not be living those cozier days, the memories of the same spark joy in you and help you focus on your work, therefore, increasing productivity.

9. Do Not Let Your Ideas Go To Waste

When at work, due to the high level of concentration and usage of maximum brain power, your mind produces some great ideas for work or even personal projects. Keep a colorful notepad on your desk paired with a pen. Anytime you get an idea, write it down. This not only ensures that you are active at work but also that you are productive when it comes to personal projects. Additionally, a colorful notepad makes your desk look more attractive.

10. Keep Your Desk Storage Clean

Just like the top of your desk, make sure that the storage area of the same is clear and clean at all times. Having a cluttered storage area makes storage near impossible and results in you misplacing essential documents and things; additionally, it is frustrating going through layers of disarranged things. So, help your mental health and productivity and make sure you have clean desk storage.

Keeping productivity and morale high in your workplace is an important task. Mental well being is an important aspect of achieving productivity. Follow the above tips and tricks and you are assured a more productive and mentally healthy workplace.