What Makes Fire Retardant Faux Plants Your Best Landscaping Choice?

PlantsShowcasing the business is the most active determinant of the success of the present day business. If you are considering giving a facelift, to the outdoor and indoor of your business space, you may try various decorating options. While people used to do this by painting walls and including pieces of arts, there has been a radical change in the mode of decoration in the recent past. People now include some greens in the corporate landscape to make it more visible to the customers. This is because the greens provide a naturally soothing environment that builds a close connection between the hectic business activities and our mother nature. Thus, the customers and the employees become more positive and eventually generate more revenues.

Including live trees and plants calls for many maintenance hassles, and involves additional manpower and cost, which is not practicable for the modern corporate sectors. With the introduction of artificial trees and plants, all such caring hassles have been removed. These are lifelike, and as such, the fake botanical items have become the most favorite for landscaping the commercial interiors and exteriors. Being made from plastic materials, ordinary fake foliage is prone to catch fire. As safety can never be compromised for the sake of aesthetics, ThermaLeaf® has developed fire retardant fake foliage that lets you enough time to react in case of any unfortunate breakout of fire.

Why opt for ThermaLeaf®?

ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial landscaping products. They have a team of expert professionals comprising botanists, engineers, architects, and designers who take utmost care in manufacturing the replicated greens. These are made to resemble their natural cousins so much, that this foliage can bluff even the most experienced eyes. Being adorned with the lush green color, you can feel the difference by touching only. ThermaLeaf® manufactures a wide range of fire retardant landscaping products and also offer customization facility for meeting the specific landscaping needs.

You can install ThermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants anywhere and everywhere.

ThermaLeaf®'s fire retardant replicated greens can be included in any commercial settings. Whether you have to decorate the rooms and lobby of luxurious hotels; exterior of the massive corporate houses and their meeting rooms, reception desks and welcoming areas; Government & municipal buildings, hospital cabins and outdoors, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, lounges of exotic bars, casinos & restaurants; a senior living facility, shopping malls, multiplexes, airports, exhibition halls, museum & art galleries; the flame retardant faux foliage is a hot choice for making these places aesthetically pleasant and safe as well.

There are many options for embellishing the commercial spaces

ThermaLeaf® understands that landscaping requirement changes with the nature and type of the business, and that is why they have wide variants of fire retardant artificial landscaping elements, some of which are given below:

  • Trees: Include bonsai trees, pine trees, tropical trees, fall trees, large trees, bamboo trees, ficus trees, preserved trees and customized trees fulfilling the corporate landscaping requirements.
  • Plants: Cover bushes, cactus, vines, grasses, hanging plants, flowering plants, and their customized varieties.
  • Topiaries: Available in the shape of cones, balls, spirals, ivy topiaries, boxwood topiaries, topiary plants and topiary trees for adorning the commercial indoors and outdoors.
  • Palms: Large collection of the areca palm, coconut palm, fan palm, date palm, kentia palm, large palm trees and preserved palms for boasting the commercial setting with a tropical vibe.
  • Foliage: Includes moss, stems & picks, ivy mats, boxwood mats, hanging bushes, leaves & branches, garlands, flowers, and greenery.

Unique production process makes it better than other fire retardant foliage

Artificial foliage is made from plastic and polyester fabric and is very much susceptible to ignition. It is, therefore, necessary that the foliage should be inert to fire. Regular fire retardant artificial foliage is manufactured by either spraying fire retardant chemicals on the foliage and in some cases, the foliage is also dipped into the solution of the chemicals to make it inert to fire. But, there is a loophole in such process. Such fire retardant coating offers inconsistent fire protection and is likely to get washed or may wear off, making those prone to fire. Moreover, these make the foliage surface rough, and the chances of dust accumulation increases. With ThermaLeaf® products, you need not worry about this, as those have smooth surfaces. ThermaLeaf® impregnates special fire retardant chemicals into the material, through injection molding, at the time of manufacturing to make these internally fire safe, and offer complete protection.

ThermaLeaf® products conform to fire code requirements

Manufacturing fire retardant artificial trees and plants is quite challenging. Different states have different requirements, and there are also many factors to consider. ThermaLeaf® fake horticultural items conform to the requirements of the following:

  • US Gov SIN 4722-06
  • NF X 700-100
  • CAN/ULC S109 Small Scale, Large Scale
  • ASTM E84-95 Class
  • NFPA 705B
  • California Title 19
  • NFPA 701
  • BS 476: Part 6 Class 0
  • BS 476: Part 7 Class 0

Thus, you are sure about legality and safety of the material.

These are all-weather products

Being made from weather-able plastic materials mounted on steel structures, ThermaLeaf® products are quite strong and sturdy. You can easily install them anywhere you like, without any worry of fading due to harsh effect of the sunlight, and these can withstand rain, snowfall, and strong breezes as well.

Other benefits  

Using ThermaLeaf® artificial landscaping items, you can enjoy many other benefits:

  • Need no care and creates no mess underneath.
  • Light in weight, and can be installed very easily.
  • As the surface is smooth, cleaning is also very easy.
  • Portable for changing the landscape periodically.
  • Keep your commercial space free from bugs, insects, and pests.
  • Storing is possible, when not in use.
  • This is a cost-effective and onetime investment.