What Makes ThermaLeaf® The One Stop Shop of All Your Faux Landscaping Needs?

PlantsThe rise of artificial landscaping has also give increase to the competition in this industry. There are several companies that offer a wide range of fake trees and claim their products to be one of the superiors. Among all such brands, ThermaLeaf® has been recognized to offer the most reliable and safe landscaping solutions to customers. ThermaLeaf® is a trademarked brand of faux foliage introduced by Commercial Silk Int'l that has been offering silk landscaping products for years. ThermaLeaf®'s line of products has been widely used by worldwide architects and designers for their varying commercial projects. The products are not just recognized as landscaping items but are also one of the wonderful solutions for interior decorations. ThermaLeaf® offers such amazing features through these products that make it the one-stop destination for landscaping solutions for people. Let's explore those features here.

Fire Retardant for Utmost Safety

This is the most innovative and unique feature of all the products of ThermaLeaf® that makes them the most reliable and safe solution for landscaping. Although other companies also claim their products to be fire retardant, there is a huge difference between their and ThermaLeaf®'s manufacturing procedure. Companies other than ThermaLeaf® just utilize fire retardant chemicals by dipping or spraying on the products. This kind of topical treatment is just an aftermarket application. This application degrades the quality of foliage and leaves the plant spotty and with colors that can fade away easily.

Instead of following this procedure, ThermaLeaf® manufactures artificial fire retardant plants by infusing fire retardant chemicals into the plants. The chemicals are blended in the fabric, PVC or plastic material while the material is poured into the mold. This whole procedure results in highly reliable and safest faux plants for landscape lovers.

Stands Qualified In Various Fire Retardant Tests

ThermaLeaf® does not claims of its own that all its products are fire retardant, but it also proves through various fire retardant tests that are recognized by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These tests are called Toxicity test methods. In all these tests, ThermaLeaf® products score a class A which itself defines the trustworthiness of ThermaLeaf® solutions. Each of the states has its fire codes, for example, Dallas fire code would be different from that of Florida. ThermaLeaf® manufactures products keeping in Mind individual fire codes of every state so that people can have safest solutions for their commercial or residential areas.

Wide Varieties Available for Domestic And Commercial Use

The good thing is that you can have every kind of plant, tree or grass variety with ThermaLeaf® only. It means you need not to scream around the market to find the best-suited product for your landscape. You just choose the plant variety as per your choice and get it designed as per your architectural specifications. Backed up with utmost safety and quality, you can have almost all kinds of foliage they exist in real world. The complete line of ThermaLeaf® foliage consists of artificial coconut palm trees, bonsai trees, ficus trees, fake coconut tree, pine trees, tropical trees, silk bamboo tree, all varieties of flower arrangements, artificial vines, hedges, faux moss sheets, mat rolls and numerous more. You can have almost all kinds of plants and trees for your landscape with ThermaLeaf®. The availability of all the solutions with such quality and security enables customers not to look for any other option for their varying artificial landscaping needs.

Weather Proof Foliage Assuring Durability

Do you fear about your artificial landscape in rainy season or during harsh sunny days? ThermaLeaf® eliminates all these worries from your mind by offering weatherproof foliage that can withstand all types of weather conditions without getting faded or lose color. These can tolerate heavy rains, winds, harsh UV sunlight and more without getting damages. This property of all ThermaLeaf® products enhances their lives thus letting them grace your space for years. ThermaLeaf® gives you complete peace of mind about your landscaping needs.

No to Dust Build Up

ThermaLeaf® manufactures plants and trees making their surface smooth. This prevents dust build up to larger extent thus eliminating the need of regular dusting. Also, dust particles diminish the looks and original charm of the plants; hence you can stay confident that with ThermaLeaf® plants, you won't have to showcase those dusty plants and trees around your space that make your place look ugly and untidy.

Forget About Maintenance and Upkeep

Since ThermaLeaf® products are made up of faux material like plastic, silk, and PVC, etc. therefore you need not worry about their maintenance needs. As they won't demand watering, pruning, fertilizing and more. You can comfortably use them for any of your commercial or residential areas or even hard to reach areas. Whatever plant you choose for your space, you don't need to invest even a penny for their upkeep.

Realistic Looking Grass That Can't be Figured Out

All types of artificial grass and foliage are just the replication of living plants. These have been designed and crafted in such a way that people can rarely figure out that they are faux plants. The silk leaves in all kinds of plants look just identical to those real leaves thus creating a realistic looking landscape for your space. You can use the plants in combination with other ThermaLeaf® foliage to create a wonderful blend of different varieties and colors.

Stay Free from Bugs and Insects

With these ThermaLeaf® plants, you can also have another big advantage that is you can keep your place free from bugs and pests. In case of real landscaping, this is the most common problem that becomes a headache when you use living plants for indoors. Pests get their food from fibers and water present in the living plants and therefore get attracted towards them. With ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage, you can rest assured that your space will be free from these bugs and pests. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, these can keep your space tidy, mesmerizing and safe effectively.