Which ThermaLeaf® Faux Plants To Buy This Year?

Fire Retardant Artificial PlantsAre you looking to redecorate the indoor or outdoor surroundings of your office or home space? Installing artificial landscaping products can be a very convenient and smart way to change the face of the surroundings. Not only are the faux landscaping products very easy to maintain but also they are also available in a wide range of varieties for you to choose from. Here's everything you need to know to be able to decide what ThermaLeaf® faux plants you should consider buying this year:

Trees To Liven Up The Surroundings

Long, short, lush green and captivating trees are a great way to add life and beauty to almost any surroundings. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of breathtaking and gorgeous trees for you to choose from. You can create different types of themes in your commercial or residential space with the help of these trees. From amazing Oriental themes to the tropical forest like themes, there are various types of trees for every need and requirement. Some of the available trees include the following:

  • Bonsai Trees – The gorgeous bonsai trees tower tall above the ground and are beautifully shaped. These elegant plants are very artistic looking and are bound to make heads turn.
  • Pine Tree – Pine trees are trees that are loved by many. These gorgeous trees with lush green leaves can make head turns and give a beautiful mountain like feel to the surroundings of the place that they are installed in. Different types of pine trees are available for you to choose from. Rocky Mountain Pine Trees, Long Needle Pine Trees, Scotch Pine Trees and various others.
  • Tropical Trees – Looking to give your surroundings a pretty, summery and tropical vibe? Then the artificial tropical trees are just what you need to fulfill your desire. With these amazing and mesmerizing faux trees, you can give the surroundings an entire beach-like vibe.

Plants To Beautify Smaller Spaces

Individuals who have a space constraint may not be able to install full-sized artificial trees in their premises. For such individuals, a better decorative option would be the hanging silk plants, fake tropical plants, and other plant options. Here's a list of available plants that you can choose from to install a pretty landscape in your surroundings:

  • Hanging Plants – The hanging plants are a hot favorite landscaping product of many. These faux landscaping products give the surroundings a very mystical and quaint vibe. The hanging silk basket plants can add vibrancy and color to any dull and lackluster space.
  • Vines – The gorgeous ThermaLeaf® vines are real head turners. Their stylish personality can revamp the feel of any commercial or residential premises. Various types of vines are available for you to choose from including Pothos Hanging Vine, Wandering Jew, Curly Ivy and various others.
  • Grasses – The deep green and captivating grasses offered by ThermaLeaf® are ideal for both outdoors and indoors spaces. These grasses are lightweight and when placed in outdoors facilities sway gently with the wind, creating a very realistic vibe and feeling.
  • Flowering Plants – For those of you who want to add color and vibrancy to your surroundings, the artificial flowering plants are just what you need. The vivid and bright colors of the plants add life to any space. From pretty roses to hibiscuses and various other kinds of realistic looking flowers, there's something here for everyone.

Topiaries To Decorate Your Commercial Spaces

Artificial topiary trees outdoor and indoor options are ideal for festive decorations. A lot of people like to replace their regular landscapes during Christmas, Easter and other occasions with topiaries. The topiaries are also available in different shapes, sizes, and plants. Here's a list of available topiaries for you to choose from:

  • Topiary Cones – Ideal for malls, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and other eateries and public places, the topiary cones give the surroundings an upscale and classy vibe.
  • Topiary Balls – The topiary balls are extremely glamorous looking and can be used to decorate events such as parties, charity shows, weddings, concerts and other such public functions.
  • Topiary Spirals – The topiary spirals are extremely decorative and chic. These landscaping products can be used as Christmas decoration in homes, commercial spaces and even in offices.
  • Ivy And Boxwood Topiaries – The ivy and boxwood topiaries can be used for all kinds of indoors and outdoors decorations. They are popularly used in shopping complexes, art galleries, museums, and hotels.

Palm Trees For That Desert Or Summer Theme

Palm trees are the ultimate décor item for those living in cold climates and who wish to give the surroundings a summery feel. There are several different types of green and captivating palm trees for you to choose from. The available options of palm trees include the following:

  • Coconut Trees – For a beach like a vibe or a tropical island vibe the coconut trees are just what you need to install in your landscape.
  • Areca Palms – The areca palms look gorgeous in both office and residential spaces. Their beautiful leaves are truly mesmerizing and can liven up the surroundings that they are installed in.
  • Preserved Fans – The preserved fan palms are best suited for those looking for a value of money. Available in wholesale lots, these plants can be purchased in large quantities to decorate projects of massive sizes.
  • Preserved Date Palms – For those of you looking to give your surroundings a mystical and Middle Eastern vibe, the preserved date palms are ideal.
  • Kentia Palms – The kentia palms are beautiful decorative items for mansions, luxury villas, and large sized residential apartments.

Depending on the kind of theme you wish to incorporate in your surroundings, you can choose landscaping products that fit your requirements. From beautiful summer themes to a breathtaking mountain like feel, there is something here for every preference. Investing in these faux landscaping products will be one of the best long-term investments.