Why Choose ThermaLeaf® Hanging Plants For Your Corporate Makeovers?

Artificial Hanging PlantsHanging plants naturally give outa very quaint, exotic and unique vibe to the surroundings that they are installed in. However, often people avoid installing hanging plants in offices and corporate spaces because these landscaping products tend to create a mess in the surroundings. In the case of the faux hanging plants manufactured by ThermaLeaf®, you need not worry about a messy corporate space or office. These artificial landscaping products are just what you require to liven up the surroundings and add a new life to the office. Here is everything you demand to know about these realistic and breathtaking artificial hanging plants.

Requires Minimal Maintenance And Care

One excellent benefit of installing the holiday office decorations is that these landscaping products require zero or no maintenance. Unlike the real hanging plants, the fake plants do not need watering, pruning, and trimming. You don't need to hire a professional gardener to take care of the faux landscaping products for you. A simple duster or spray of water alone can do the trick of maintenance and care. Further, the synthetic landscaping products do not shed their leaves like the real ones and thereby prevent creating a mess in the surroundings.

Fire Retardant Hanging Plants For Your Safety

Another excellent benefit of the ThermaLeaf® hanging plants is that these landscaping products are fire retardant. Often architects, landscaping artists, and interior decorators are apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products projects. This is because some fake plants are trees are susceptible to catching fires. However, in the case of hanging plants offered by ThermaLeaf®, you don't have to worry about your corporate space going up in flames. The raw materials used to manufacture the hanging plants are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals that ensure the safety of your corporate space and your staff members.

Cost Effective And Affordable Landscaping Products

The hanging plants manufactured by ThermaLeaf® are very affordably priced and cost effective. Most corporate spaces are large and require large quantities of hanging plants for the purpose of decoration. You can order unlimited quantities of the hanging plants to cover up your office space without having to trouble about a hole being burnt through your pocket. The affordable prices of these landscaping products make them cost effective and give you the liberty of ordering them in large quantities.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Landscaping Products

The hanging plants manufactured and sold by ThermaLeaf® are absolutely weather proof and climate tolerant. It doesn't matter whether you live in a tropical climate or a rainy and windy climate, the hanging plants can tolerate all types of harsh elements of the weather. If your corporate space has a constant inflow of sunlight, you don't have to worry about the plants being exposed and losing their color or fading. These hanging plants can tolerate the harsh rays of the sun without spoiling for years on end. Further, if you're looking to install the hanging plants outdoors in your corporate space, you can go right ahead without worrying about snowfall or rainfall as these plants have been manufactured to remain immaculate in any climate.

Avoid Mosquito And Insect Related Illnesses

One major benefit of installing the artificial outdoor topiary plants and hanging plants is that these faux landscaping products protect you and your staff members from contracting mosquito and insect-related illnesses. Real topiary décor and real hanging plants tend to attract mosquitoes and insects. These bugs can spread lethal and deadly illnesses like malaria and other such ailments. However, in the case of the faux hanging plants, you don't need to worry about the plants attracting bugs and mosquitoes, thereby ensuring the safety of the health of your staff members and employees.

Durable And Sturdy

Another excellent functional benefit of the hanging plants offered by ThermaLeaf® is that these landscaping products can last for years on end and are extremely durable and sturdy. The plants will not spoil or wither or deteriorate in quality irrespective of what conditions they are used in. Further, when not in use these plants can be stored away for months on end due to their long and excellent shelf life. The hanging plants are a good long term investment for your interior décor.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

The fake landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf® will be delivered right to your doorstep. ThermaLeaf® has a team of skilled professionals that will ensure efficient and timely delivery of your order. Further, your order will be accompanied with a simple to understand installation manual that will make even a layman a landscaping artist. But for those of you who prefer to have professionals install the landscaping products, ThermaLeaf® will send out a team of qualified professionals who will install your indoor or outdoor landscape for you. Now you don't need to hire expensive professionals to get your landscape project done for you.

Various Commercial And Corporate Spaces Where The Hanging Plants Can Be Installed

Here's a list of commercial and corporate spaces where these gorgeous and lifelike hanging plants can be installed:

  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, exhibitions, some corporate spaces where the hanging plants are popularly installed.
  • Hotel rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies and restaurants are another space where the plants can be installed.
  • Office cabins, office waiting areas, office parking lots, and buildings are spots where the hanging plants are often installed.

So, if you're looking to redecorate your corporate space and leave a long lasting impression on your clients, customers, and visitors, the hanging plants are just what you need to do so. Don't waste another minute figuring out interior and exterior decorative products and place your order for these gorgeous, vibrant and visually pleasing hanging plants today. We guarantee this is one of the best investments you will ever make.