Wondering What's So Great About ThermaLeaf® Artificial Plants? Read On

Artificial PlantsYou have probably heard the constant buzz about the greatness of ThermaLeaf®'s artificial plants, but haven't yet figured out the excellent features of these amazing landscaping products. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about ThermaLeaf®'s wide range of artificial plants:

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

One of the most useful characteristics of the ThermaLeaf® artificial plants is that as far as the maintenance is concerned, one can handle it with the utmost of ease and in a hassle free way. Opposite to real plants, the faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf® do not require everyday watering and frequent cutting, trimming or pruning. Often in the case of real plant landscapes, the homeowner or office owner is forced to get on board a paid and professional gardener to prevent the plants from growing wildly out of control. In the case of the ThermaLeaf® plants, you won't need to bare any such additional expenses to maintain the plants.

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants And Trees

People tend to show a certain amount of apprehension about installing artificial plants and trees in their office spaces and residences because faux landscaping products are known to be susceptible to fires. However, as far as the faux plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf® one need not worry about their landscape getting burnt to bits. A special technology called the ThermaLeaf® technology is used during the time of manufacturing of these landscaping products. Special fire resistant chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials to ensure that the final products are fire retardant and safe to install in any landscape.

Wide Range Of Products For You To Choose From

Another reason that the ThermaLeaf® products are so amazing is that of the wide range of plants and trees that patrons can choose from. ThermaLeaf® offers several types of interesting topiaries, plants, palms, foliage, flowers, and trees. Some of the available options include hanging plants, grasses, vines, flowering plants, Ivy plants, coconut palms, areca palms, fan palms, date palms and several other exotic, tropical and evergreen landscaping options.

Can Be Placed In Both Indoor And Outdoors Settings

The beauty of the ThermaLeaf® landscaping products range is that these plants and trees can be placed in all kinds of indoor and as well as outdoor settings. Here's are a few places where you can install the artificial landscaping products:

  1. Hotel entrances, hotel rooms, hotel banquet halls, hotel parking lots, restaurants and hotel reception areas are spaces where these plants are commonly installed.
  2. Cafes, coffee shops, bars, pubs, lounges, spas, salons and holiday resorts are also places where the artificial landscaping products can be installed.
  3. Doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, hospitals, museums, art galleries, movie theatres, conference rooms, trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions can also be decorated with the artificial landscaping products.

Completely Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant

Another noteworthy feature of the artificial landscaping products offered by ThermaLeaf® is that these plants and trees are completely tolerant of all types of climates and weather conditions. These plants can withstand heavy rainfall as well as snowfall and will still not spoil. Further, special UV stabilizers are impregnated into the raw materials during the manufacturing process to ensure that the leaves and flowers don't fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. So it doesn't matter whether you survive in the Sahara Desert or the North Pole, you can display these lovely artificial landscaping products pretty much anywhere without having to worry about deterioration.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

The ThermaLeaf® plants and trees are extremely light in weight and very easy to install. Unlike real plants, the faux landscaping products do not require you to hire a huge team of laborers or professional landscaping artists to complete the landscape installation. One or two people are more than enough to move the plants around and install them. Professional knowledge on landscaping is not required for the ThermaLeaf® plants. Besides the fact that the plants are lightweight, another reason that they are easy to install is due to the simple instruction manual that is dispatched along with the goods. This instruction manual makes it possible for almost anyone to complete the installation process with ease.

Durable And Sturdy Plants And Trees

In the case of real plants, you need always to be concerned about causing damage to the pot as well as the plant when installing it in your landscape. The littlest bit of rough handling of the plants and trees can cause breakage. However, in the case of the ThermaLeaf® plants and trees, you don't need to stress and fret about such hassles. The artificial landscaping products are extremely long lasting, durable and sturdy. Rough handling will not cause any damage to these products. The products will last for years without spoiling or deteriorating.

Very Affordable And Cost Effective

Another feature that makes the plants so great is the fact that they are extremely affordable. You can purchase these faux landscaping products in large quantities for massive sized projects without having to bother about a hole being burnt through your pocket. The affordable prices of these landscaping products make them the perfect decorative items for any residential or commercial space.

Allows You To Create Themed Landscapes

With the ThermaLeaf® faux plants and trees, you can create all kinds of themed landscapes. If you wish to give your home or office space a tropical summer theme or an evergreen mountain theme, you will find all kinds of plants and trees that are suited for those specific themes. You can even give your hotel an entire rainforest-like atmosphere with the installation of the flowering and fruiting plants and trees offered by ThermaLeaf®.