Your Office's Exterior Space Safe? Read This And Ensure It Is

ExteriorDid you know that simply installing a landscape in and around your office exteriors is not enough? You need to ensure that the landscape that you install is safe. Safety is essential for your employees, staff members and the others who work around the office premises. Besides the aesthetic value of the surroundings, safety plays a very important role too. We have compiled a list of important safety factors that you should keep in mind when installing a landscape in and around your office surroundings. Here's everything that you need to know:

Installing Fire Retardant Landscaping Products

It is a lesser known fact that artificial landscaping products are some of the major reasons for fires. If you're planning on installing artificial trees, flowers, and plants in your office area, you want to opt for the brands that manufacture artificial trees and plants that are absolutely fire retardant. These artificial plants and trees are made as per the fire safety codes of a particular city or state. Installing these trees, flowers, and plants can prevent any fires from breaking out and also prevent any casualties or mishaps. Keeping this point in mind when installing faux plants and trees in and around your office space is very important.

Be Careful When Installing Water Plants

While installing water plants like lucky bamboo, lotuses and other such real water plants can be very dangerous and a major health hazard. If the water in the container holding the lucky bamboo plants is not changed on a weekly basis, it can lead to mosquito breeding. Mosquitos carry lethal illnesses like dengue, malaria and other such scary ailments. The last thing you want around your office area is a mosquito infestation. It will only result in sick employees and reduced levels of productivity.

Install Security Cameras

We no longer live in a safe and friendly world. Burglaries, thefts, industrial espionage are all common things in the corporate world. If your office exteriors and interiors are not protected with security cameras, there is a major chance that your company will be susceptible to some theft. To prevent this from happening, install security cameras that record all incoming and outgoing movements of in-house employees as well as guests, visitors, and others. This way in the event of any mishap, you and the police can go through the footage to track back the events that have occurred.

Get A Digital Security System

The office is a space where there is a constant inflow of people. If you have an office which doesn't have a digital security system, there are high chances that unwanted visitors may freely enter into the premises. You need to make sure that employees are given a punch in a code that needs to be logged into for the office door to unlock. This prevents thieves and other unnecessary visitors from walking in.

Keep Security Personnel

Besides having a digital security and entry system, you must also ensure that security personnel guards your office exterior. If the digital security system fails due to technical difficulties, the security personnel can be vigilant and prevent any mishaps from occurring. Further, if there is some fight or disagreement within the office that needs to be handled by professionals, you can always have the security personnel handle the people involved in the argument.

Keep The Emergency Exits Obstacle Free

In the event of a flame or any other such mishap, to minimize casualties and save lives quickly, it is essential that the emergency exits are easily accessible. These exits shouldn't be blocked off with unnecessary storage items. You need to make sure that the emergency exits are obstacle free at all times and that employees and other staff members can escape scratch free.

Have A Designated Smoking Area For Safety

You need to have a designated smoking area for those employees who smoke. Disposing of smoking materials irresponsibly can lead to fires. If an employee tosses a lit cigarette bud or a matchstick into a pile of garbage or dry leaves that have been collected below the building, there are high chances that a fire will break out. Hence, make sure that you allocate a fixed smoking area and educate employees to dispose of flammable materials responsibly.

Make Sure The Office Exterior Area Is Lit Post Office Hours Too

Having an unlit office exterior space makes it easier for burglars to break in. You need to make sure that even post working hours and when the office is shut for the day, the exterior space of the office is permanently lit up. This will reduce the chances of theft and burglary. If there is a burglary anyway, the security cameras will be able to capture the faces of the burglars better in a well-lit space as opposed to a dark space.

Keep The Employee Security Lockers At The Entryway Itself

If your business is one that thrives on confidentiality, you need to make sure that employees do not carry their mobile phones to their desks. Having a mobile phone handy at their desks can make it very easy for the employees to leak confidential information. Make sure that the employee security lockers are placed at the entrance of your office space. As soon as an employee steps into work for the day, make sure he or she compulsorily deposits his mobile phone into the locker. This will increase safety and guarantee security in the office space.

Make your office wholly safe and secure for yourself and your employees. Make sure that you incorporate at least a few of the ideas mentioned above to guarantee safety in and around your office space.