ThermaLeaf® Artificial Boxwood Mats Wholesale

artificial boxwood mat

Whether you’re looking to cover unsightly views or you want to bring in a sense of refreshment and nature in your décor, our artificial Boxwood Mat is ideal in either case. Our faux Boxwood Mat will act as a prop for adding appeal as well as bringing in some relaxation to the space. Ideal for walls, ceilings or any other surfaces, our silk Boxwood Mat will bring some life to the much needed dull spaces of your setting. Perfectly suited for home as well as commercial spaces, our Boxwood Mats give you the flexibility to bent, cut which can be then applied to any space.

With stunning lifelike foliage and texture, our Boxwood Mat brings in elegance and beauty to the surroundings. Handcrafted from premium quality materials, our artificial Boxwood Mat is a unique piece of decoration which will be a great addition to any setting. Although this faux decoration can be modified as per your requirements but if you still have some more reservations about color, size or style then let us know and we’ll create an exclusive custom made silk Boxwood Mat according to your specifications.

To ensure safety of your décor and your loved ones, our ThermaLeaf® Boxwood Mat is resistant to fire. The foliage and branches of our Boxwood Mat are blended with fire retardant chemicals and as such they don’t catch fire in case of an outbreak. Our fire retardant artificial Boxwood Mat will make your area more appealing while providing you a hassle free decoration.

Our wholesale Boxwood Mat is inexpensive and offers great value for money. Durable and long lasting, this faux decoration does not require constant care and will spread its magic and beauty while withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. So go ahead and rev up your monotonous setting.


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