ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Artificial Flowers Wholesale

fire retardant silk flowers

Charming and cheerful, if you’re looking to dump anxiety and negativity out of your décor, then our artificial flowers is a perfect way to do so. A great way to bring energy and joy in your home as well as commercial spaces, our silk flowers are known to improve the mood of the surroundings with their delightful colors and refreshing persona. Relaxing and soothing, our faux flowers will enhance your décor to its fullest. An ideal decoration for places with a lot of stress, one look at our amazingly lifelike flowers and you’ll be filled with happiness and delight.

With over hundreds and thousands of flower varieties and silk floral arrangements, our elegant and sophisticated range offers something for everyone. And if you still can’t get your hands on a floral arrangement or a flower variety in the desired color, shape or style then let us know, we’ll create an exclusive arrangement to match your furnishings. Our highly experienced staff of designers and architects are masters of creating and installing engaging florals and will create a custom artificial flower arrangement for you.

Apart from presenting your décor with a timeless beauty and everlasting freshness, our ThermaLeaf® flowers also brings in a wealth of safety with itself. Each faux flower arrangement is made from fire resistant material which makes our flowers absolutely safe in case of fire hazards.

A relaxing and soothing piece of decoration, our fire retardant flowers make for a great coffee table, center piece, or meeting room decoration. Not just hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and office, you name it and we have sophisticated range of artificial floral arrangements to blend in with the space.

Handcrafted from premium quality materials, our faux flowers do not require constant care and will continue to spread sparkle in your décor till times to come. Our wholesale silk flowers are quite inexpensive and offer great value for money.

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