ThermaLeaf® Garlands

artificial boxwood garlands

Full of life and color, our artificial garlands make for a sumptuous decoration for any living space. Perfect way to infuse nature into your setting, our faux garlands are delightful and will amaze every onlooker with their eye-popping realism. Whether you’re looking to bring festivity spirit into your home or in your restaurant, hotel, store, office, airport, lobby or shopping mall, our silk garlands will enliven any space with its natural charm. A must have during holiday season; our artificial garlands can also be used during special occasions to add a finishing touch to ordinary walls.

From artificial Boxwood garlands to Leaf garlands, fall garlands to Ivy garlands, we’ve got a huge collection of faux garlands to suit your requirements. If you’re still not convinced about our range, then get in touch with us and we’ll create an exclusive silk garland for your interior. Whether you want it in a particular shape, size or color, our vastly experienced staff of designers and architects will create a custom artificial garland just for you.

And if you’re worried about the safety aspects of our silk decoration, then let us introduce you to ThermaLeaf®. Manufactured by introducing fire retardant chemicals in the leaves and branches of each plant, our artificial garlands do not catch fire. Thus, they ensure that your interiors are safe in case of fire outbreak.

A perfect home feature, our faux garlands make a perfect decorative feature and add a lovely touch of nature to the setting. And if you’re sweating over the price, our wholesale artificial garlands are inexpensive and offer great value for money. Crafted from premium quality materials, our silk garlands will grace your décor till times to come and won’t trouble you at all with any maintenance requirements.

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