ThermaLeaf® Artificial Hanging Flower Bushes

silk hanging bushes

A perfect complement to the front porch area of your home, café or restaurant, our artificial hanging bushes are well known to add color and spice to any sort of décor. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home and flower boxes or the vacant spaces of your commercial area, our faux hanging bushes will add a distinctive touch of beauty to any space. Amazingly lifelike and mesmerizing, our silk hanging bushes with all its beauty and elegance are one of the most interesting home decorations available.

Perfect for decorating windows or walls, our artificial hanging bushes are known for their vibrant looks and will bring a sense of nature and charm in your setting. From Curly Ivy to Wandering Jew, Pothos Hanging Vine to Philodendron Vine hanging plant, our artificial hanging plants are full of life and will decorate your home and flower boxes to its fullest. Browse through our wide range of faux hanging bushes and if you have some exclusive style and design in your mind, then contact us and we’ll turn your imaginative design into our plant. Our custom hanging bushes will bring in a sense of exclusivity and fun to your setting.

With delightful blooms bursting out of the basket, our silk hanging bushes are full of vigor and won’t let your décor be devoid of any color. Apart from the majestic aura, our hanging plants come with fire retardant properties. Handcrafted using fire retardant chemicals, the leaves and branches of these artificial bushes do not add to the spread of fire in case of an outbreak making your décor absolutely safe.

Our silk hanging bushes do not require constant attention and will continue to adorn your space till times to come. Durable and inexpensive, our wholesale hanging bushes offer great value for money.

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