ThermaLeaf® Faux Ivy Privacy Screen Mat

silk ivy mat

If you’re looking to hide some ugly corners or patches of your décor, then what better than to cover them with the exuberance of nature? Our artificial Ivy Mat will bring an everlasting freshness to your décor while perfectly masking the unsightly views. Uniquely styled, our faux Ivy Mat is a piece of art and will make a bold statement in your setting. Refreshing and lifelike, our silk Ivy Mat will draw multiple compliments and eyeballs. Our Ivy Mat is ideal for home and commercial settings and offers you the flexibility to bent, cut which can be then applied to any space.

Create an artificial green wall by applying our artificial Ivy Mat to walls or to hide perpetual eyesores in your garden such as wires, utility boxes, cell towers etc. Ideal decoration to make your area more private yet appealing, our silk Ivy Mat will bring privacy and beauty to your space. If you have huge commercial area and require our Ivy Mat in equally huge proportion, then get in touch with us and we’ll create a custom artificial Ivy Mat according to your specifications.

While adding appeal and convenience, our artificial mat also protects you from spreading fire in case of such an unfortunate incident. Handcrafted using fire retardant chemicals, the leaves and branches of our Ivy Mat are impregnated with this material which does not allow our plant to catch fire during a fire outbreak.

Durable and long lasting, our silk Ivy Mat does not require any sort of maintenance and with wholesale pricing, you do not have to break the bank to avail some quality decoration for your setting. So go ahead and make your area more private by bringing in our artificial Ivy Mat.

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