ThermaLeaf® Artificial Tree Branches with Leaves

custom artificial leaves and branches

Versatile and elegant, our wide range of artificial leaves and branches are a great way to brighten up your dull spaces. Perfect for decorating shelves, tables and mantles, our faux leaves and branches with their remarkable texture and exotic colors will add a spark to your entire setting. Whether you’re looking to add our silk leaves and branches to floral arrangements or to a big landscaping project, they will help in creating a stunning aesthetic feature. Ideal to break the mould of boring and uninspiring décor, our artificial decorations will spruce up the looks of the entire décor.

From artificial twigs to sticks, vines to branches, artificial tropical leaves to fronds, greenery sprays to leaves, we have every small element which will add details to your landscape. If you still think that you need something totally different, then let us know about it and we’ll create one according to your specifications. Our custom artificial leaves and branches will help you in creating the desired aesthetic.

While keeping our artificial decorations as natural and lifelike as possible, we also ensure that they’re completely safe to use. As such, we blend in fire retardant materials while crafting these plants to make sure that you get durability and safety of the highest order. Our fire retardant artificial leaves and branches do not catch fire and hence they’re absolutely safe.

Flexible and rejuvenating, our silk leaves and branches add a cool quotient to your floral decorations or landscapes and will bring an authenticity to your décor. Handcrafted from premium quality materials, our wholesale leaves and branches do not require constant care. Durable and inexpensive, these faux leaves and branches offer great value for money and will add a naturalistic feel to the setting till times to come.

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