ThermaLeaf® Artificial Moss Sheets

fire retardant Moss

Moss is a perfect decoration for fall centerpiece arrangements as well as everyday decorating needs. From artificial Moss carpet to Moss sheet, Moss balls to Moss rolls we have a wide range of Moss decorations which can be used to embellish and add a finishing touch to your themes or landscapes. Identical to the moss growing in the forests, our faux Moss is ideal to use if you’re looking to highlight your floral settings or creating some landscape design. Our artificial Moss is a perfect decorative element to accentuate planters or pots.

With amazingly lifelike texture and color, our faux Moss resembles its real counterpart is an ideal woodland accent for decorating a store display, poolside planters, floral arrangements at office or home. Our faux Moss is extremely vibrant and will bring in intricate detailing to your decoration.

Looking for some different shape of Moss for your party décor? Get in touch with us and our experienced staff of designers and architects will design a custom made artificial Moss based on your requirements. To make sure that our faux Moss does not contribute to spread of fire, we have come up with fire retardant Moss which blends in fire retardant chemicals.

Whether you’re looking to create a lifelike centerpiece or utilize our moss sheet as a table square, this artificial decoration will add life and introduce a wow factor to your theme. Handcrafted from premium quality material, our faux Moss does not require constant care. Our wholesale Moss offers great value for money and owing to its durability; it will continue to grace your theme for times to come. So, go ahead and add an instant charming touch to the landscape of your home or commercial space with our ThermaLeaf Moss.

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