ThermaLeaf® Artificial Stems and Floral Picks

ThermaLeaf® stems and picks

Perfect for creating a beautifully realistic tabletop display or for adding on to landscapes, our artificial stems and picks are one of the most underrated and overlooked ingredients of a decoration. Extremely lifelike and botanically perfect, our faux stems and picks will help you in enlivening your ordinary tabletops or interior themes. Each and every stem and pick of our wide collection is intricately detailed to enable you to create a landscape like no other.

If your home or commercial space already boast of a theme, but lacks some depth and realism, then our silk stems and picks are ideal for you. These artificial decorations will add grace and a natural style to the setting presenting you with a rejuvenated and stunning aesthetic. From tropical to desert, fall season to summer, we have artificial stems and picks of every color, style and shape. If you’re working on some exotic landscape and require decorations according to your specifications, color and style, let us know about it and we’ll design custom made stems and picks to blend in with your décor.

Apart from lightening up your home furniture looks, our ThermaLeaf® stems and picks offer you safety of the highest order. Our stems and picks are manufactured by making use of fire retardant chemicals and as such these are completely safe when it comes to fire outbreaks. Our fire retardant artificial stems and picks are stylish and practical additions which will transform the décor from boring to eye-catching.

Handcrafted from premium quality materials, our artificial stems and picks do not require any sort of maintenance. Durable and inexpensive, our wholesale faux decorations offer great value for money and will continue to impart a touch of nature and lifelike looks to your theme till times to come.

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