Children and Dangers of Fire with Artificial Trees

Children Fire Dangers

Children and flammable materials should be kept poles apart which has been evident from numerous incidents in the past. Recently, a 4 year old boy died and two other children suffered burns and smoke inhalation injuries in a Minnesota house fire which originated as a result of children playing with a lit candle on a table which consisted of artificial plants.

In yet another incident in Phillipsburg, police revealed that a house caught fire due to the ignition of an artificial tree, a result of a child playing with matches. Although no one was hurt in this fire, but both the above instances pose serious questions on artificial plants spreading the fire.

Ordinary artificial plants and trees catch fire in an instant and the intensity of such a fire is astonishing. Within minutes of ignition, these plants burn fiercely, giving out thick black clouds of toxic smoke. Due to these reasons, it is absolutely imperative to bring in home artificial plants and trees which are fire resistant.

To ensure complete safety of your children and your property, we have introduced ThermaLeaf. The foliage of our artificial plants and trees consist of fire retardant chemicals and as such they pass fire retardant tests making your décor absolutely safe. These fire retardant plants and trees make absolute sense if you have children around, as even if they have fire around them, our silk plants wont contribute to the outbreak.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home our fire retardant faux plants and trees right away and watch it spread its majesty and safety net all around.

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