Don’t Be Scared of a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Fire

So apparently, the 42 year old funnyman, Dane Cook recently revealed that he doesn’t bring home a Christmas tree as he’s scared that it will catch fire. Best known for his roles in Good Luck Chuck and Employee Of The Month, Dane described an earlier experience in his life where a Christmas Tree caught fire which is still a terrifying memory for him.

Perhaps, Dane is not alone and there are thousands out there who have had the same experience and are petrified to bring a Christmas tree in their home or commercial setting. It’s such an unfortunate scenario where you’re looking to create a beautiful holiday decoration and all you’re left with is excruciating memory and fatal circumstances. To make sure that your décor and your loved ones stay safe and secure during the holiday season, we have come up with ThermaLeaf.

Our artificial plants and trees are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals which make them absolutely safe in case of fire outbreak. Thus, apart from adding an everlasting freshness to your dour space, our fire retardant artificial plants and trees will not add to the spread of fire keeping your interiors safe.

An absolute necessity in busy households and commercial spaces, silk plants and trees should be fire retardant as no one has the time to keep constant tabs on them especially during holiday season. Hence, instead of abandoning Christmas Trees from your holiday decoration and instead of being scared of them, why not consider bringing artificial Christmas trees in your space which are equally beautiful and require no constant care?

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