Fake Grass but a Safe Grass

fake grass

A park on Mulberry Street, between Kenmare and Spring in NoLIta paints a true summer picture throughout the year even when other parks are covered with heavy snow. Warm setting, happy people, picnic blankets, chirping birds and refreshingly lush foliage are just some of the elements of this park. The park occupying the Openhouse Gallery is completely made up of artificial plants and trees with the sunlight emanating from light boxes and birds chirping through a chirping sound system reports the New York Times.

Park Here, as it’s called, boasts of numerous visits from office workers looking for a break, couples looking to cuddle up, yoga classes, playing kids and everyone who’s in need of relaxation. The park has huge artificial trees installed across its length and breadth. Now imagine an unfortunate scenario in which the foliage of one of the trees catches fire. That would mean fatal consequences for all the hundreds of visitors in the park.

To make sure that all the visitors in a massive installation are safe, we have introduced ThermaLeaf®. Crafted using fire retardant chemicals, all our artificial trees are absolutely safe during fire hazards. Thus, our fire retardant artificial plants and trees do not encourage the spread of fire and are not just eye-catching but ensure complete safety.

The warm and cozy colors of summer season are extremely adorable and present any setting with comfort and beauty without any safety lapses. There have been numerous instances in the past such as Cocoanut Grove, burning Christmas Trees in commercial spaces as well as households which assert the need of fire retardant plants and trees in every setting.

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