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One of the best places to make it big, the last thing you want in a casino while winning thousands of dollars is a fire outbreak. With hundreds of people plying their fate, millions of dollars at stake, and the super luxurious interiors, fire in a casino can be extremely destructive. A fire outbreak at the Atlantis Casino Resort caused through a 12-story atrium of artificial plants caused the evacuation of about 900 hotel rooms. However, it was proved with evidence that the faux plants did not catch fire accidentally and that a guest set the fire in anger after the hotel security went to his room twice on complaints of a loud party.

No matter if it’s an accident or a cranky person sharing a space with you, with ordinary artificial plants and trees around you’re always at a risk. This is just one example of a fire outbreak. There are hundreds of instances where fire due to artificial plants has led to deaths and severe injuries to people. As such it should be of utmost importance to adorn your casino or any commercial space with fire retardant plants and trees.

The best part about our faux plants and trees is its fire resistant capabilities. To ensure the safety of your décor and your loved ones in case of fire outbreak, we have come up with ThermaLeaf. The leaves as well as branches of our silk plants and trees are blended with fire retardant chemicals and as such they don’t contribute to the spread of fire.

So, what are you waiting for? Instead of causing damage to your property and causing danger to other people’s lives it’s better to play it safe.

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