Make Your Hotel Interior Decor Fire Resistant

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With multiple artificial plants and trees on display in the reception area as well as the restaurants, hotels extensively use them to create a homely and cozy ambiance. But there have been certain incidents in the past where artificial trees have caught fire and caused significant damage to people and property. One of such incidents happened at Hotel Arizona where hundreds of guests were evacuated from the hotel due to a fire which according to Tuscan Fire officials began from an artificial plant on the ninth floor.

Yet another incident of fire outbreak took place in the lobby of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, part of the Disneyland Resort where a 35ft tall artificial Christmas tree caught fire. The fire broke out at about 3 a.m. and caused the evacuation of 2,300 guests along with two minor injuries in the process.

In such incidents, apart from the danger of life and property, there’s a huge threat to the goodwill of your business which can plunge alarmingly post such events. The solution – fire retardant artificial plants and trees. Our artificial plants and trees are handcrafted with absolute care and details to ensure that you’ve got an exact replica of its real counterparts. While designing them we also make sure that the leaves and branches are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals which make our plants absolutely safe in case of fire hazards.

Thus, our fire retardant silk plants and trees will ensure a welcoming touch to your hotel interiors while keeping them safe. Because we know how important safety is and how much it will mean to your business.

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