Make Your Restaurant Decoration Fire Resistant with Thermaleaf® Decorative Plants


To set a cozy ambiance and to bring freshness in the setting, you’ll often come across artificial floral arrangements on the tables or in some corners. You’ll even bump into large artificial Palm trees in case it’s a restaurant besides a swimming pool or large faux flowering trees just at the entrance. The point here is restaurants often in search of creating a comfortable setting, make use of artificial decorations which deliver an adorable setting if done right, but can even backfire in some cases.

One such incident when the use of artificial trees went wrong was at an Indian restaurant, Light of Bengal in Newport Road, Middlesbrough. The silk plant on display in the restaurant caught fire courtesy some incense sticks causing fire and smoke which subsequently damaged two floors of the restaurant. Firefighters were immediately rushed to the scene who got the fire under control.

This is where restaurant owners get it wrong. As these places are extremely busy, they are under a constant threat of fire which can be eliminated completely by using artificial plants and trees. For this purpose, we have come up with ThermaLeaf, where during the manufacturing process we impregnate the leaves and branches of our plants with fire retardant chemicals. Our fire retardant plants and trees do not contribute to the spread of fire in the event of an outbreak, hence ensuring the safety of people as well as property.

It is extremely imperative to make your customers feel safe and comfortable when they visit your restaurant. Thus, bring home our fire resistant artificial plants and trees and be rest assured about your décor.

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