Pre-lit Artificial Trees at a Danger of Fire as Well

Pre Lit

Nothing sets up the festive cheer as effectively as lights. And without some greenery and freshness no decoration is complete. Combine these two and you have a killer décor waiting to attract numerous compliments. Due to the appeal and demand for this, manufacturers have started offering pre lit trees which look extremely adorable and are great for any special occasion. But did you know that a pre-lit artificial tree can be as much a fire hazard in your setting, as a dry tree?

Here’s a video which shows ordinary pre-lit faux tree going up in flames, in a controlled setting. The tree is set on fire by a firebox at the base of the tree and mimics a fire which can be started off either by a cigarette, candle, or an electric spark. It’s extremely scary to watch that the tree is engulfed with fire almost instantaneously and within minutes the grey smoke turns black. Note that it’s the ordinary plastic material of the tree which sets the tree on fire.

This is the reason we have come up with ThermaLeaf. Crafted using fire retardant chemicals, the leaves and branches of our silk plants and trees are blended with these materials which eliminate any fire hazards. Our ThermaLeaf faux plants and trees undergo a rigorous manufacturing process making them absolutely safe in case of fire.

Similar to its real counterparts, plastic made artificial trees are a hazard. To put this danger to rest, our fire retardant plants and trees are committed towards the safety of your home of commercial setting and will not threaten to spoil your festive cheers or the happiness around your special occasion. Simply put they are ‘Life-saving’.

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