ThermaLeaf® Artificial Kentia Palms

silk Kentia Palm tree

Known for its tranquility and exotic nature, our artificial Kentia Palm tree will bring a sense of harmony and a splash of color and freshness in your home or commercial setting. A breath of fresh air, our faux Kentia Palm trees will bring a holiday feel to your interiors. Just bring it into your home or office décor and it will make you think you’re on a beach. Full of brightness, our ‘sunshine’ will brighten up your dour interiors. If you’re craving for a lazy summer afternoon at the tropics, then our silk Kentia Palm tree will present you exactly that.

Enliven any home or commercial space with the help of our Kentia Palm tree. Want the hues of our fronds to be a bit different? Or do you want the fronds and branches longer or shorter? No matter what your requirements are, contact us and our experienced staff of designers and architects will craft a custom Kentia Palm tree exclusively for you.

Apart from the beautiful and natural feel, our faux trees are absolutely safe and are in line with state fire codes. Unlike other trees available in the market, our silk Kentia Palm tree will stand its ground in case of fire outbreak and won’t catch fire. Thus, our fire resistant Kentia Palm trees offer you the joy of beautiful landscape and safety of the highest order.

Featuring large, lifelike fronds, our artificial Kentia Palm tree is suited for every setting and occasion. Handcrafted from premium quality material, our faux trees do not require constant care and will continue to add the tropical element to your interiors till times to come. Go ahead and add our Kentia Palm to your setting and enjoy summer days throughout the year.

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