ThermaLeaf® Preserved Coconut Palm Tree

faux preserved coconut trees

One of the most popular tropical decorations available, our artificial preserved Coconut trees look like they’ve come straight from the Hawaiian Islands or Southern Florida. With long amazingly realistic fronds and coconut fruits which will look so real they’ll mislead even the eagle-eyed ones, our faux Coconut trees have a calm demeanor which will spread a soothing feel in your interiors. Our handcrafted silk Coconut trees are manufactured from premium quality material and are molded with intricate details to ensure that they bring an exclusive personality to your interiors.

If you’re looking to add a distinct persona to your tropical or jungle themes, then our faux preserved Coconut trees are ideal for your decoration. Our Coconut tree looks so real, that you’ll be tempted to water it as well as break open the sweet looking fruit. One more feature that sets this artificial tree apart is the ThermaLeaf®. The branches and foliage of our fake Coconut tree are impregnated with fire retardant chemicals which make them absolutely safe in case of fire outbreaks. Our fire retardant artificial Coconut trees won’t catch fire and hence ensure that your décor and loved ones are protected during the hazard.

Stunning contrasts, smooth trunk and a foliage which will sway in the breeze, our large artificial Coconut trees is a savvy decorative choice for a large number of settings ranging from airports, poolside, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, lobbies and much more. And if you think that you can customize our faux tree better, then let us know of your design and will design an exclusive one for you based on your specifications.

Our faux preserved Coconut trees do not require constant upkeep and as such, they’re perfectly suited for busy areas. Long lasting, our custom artificial Coconut trees are available at wholesale pricing and offer great value for money.

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