ThermaLeaf® Preserved Date Palm

artificial preserved date palm trees

Reminiscent of oasis, our artificial preserved Date palm trees have a historical charm and sophistication that’s tough to resist. With their elegant, lifelike charm and towering appearance, our faux Date Palm trees are an all time favorite for creating a desert landscape. With a history of more than 5000 years, our silk Date Palm trees will bring the classic times back to your setting.

Traditional yet extremely stylish, our preserved Date Palm trees make use of real plant material and as they will introduce a warm and comfortable style to your home as well as commercial setting. If you’re looking to add a natural charm in your interiors, then our artificial Date Palm tree is ideal. Our faux tree will perfectly blend in your setting, but if you’re creating a special themed decoration and are on the lookout for something different, then let us know about the specifications and we’ll create a custom made preserved Date Palm tree according to your needs.

To ensure a safe landscaping, we have come up with ThermaLeaf®. ThermaLeaf® is the use of fire retardant chemicals in the foliage and branches of our trees which make them fire retardant in case of an outbreak.

Handcrafted from premium quality material, our preserved Date Palm tree captures the beauty of oasis and will spread joy and playfulness in your setting. This silk Date Palm tree does not require constant care and hence provides you a worry free landscape.

Durable and long lasting, our artificial decoration will continue to highlight your setting season after season. With wholesale pricing, our faux trees ensure great value for money. Go ahead and bring a sense of exoticism and simplicity in your home or commercial spaces with the help of our artificial preserved Date Palm tree.

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