ThermaLeaf® Fan Palm Plants

Preserved Fan

One of the most popular Palm trees around, our artificial preserved Fan Palm tree will lighten up your decoration with its serene personality. Known for its natural beauty and eye-popping realism, our faux preserved Fan trees are an all-time favorite if you’re looking to add a tropical feel to your setting. The verdant green, regal fronds and the artsy branches of our silk preserved Fan Palm tree will create beautiful patterns in your decoration along with an element of everlasting freshness and liveliness. Our Fan Palm tree will bring a sense of rejuvenation in your setting and will highlight your settings with its majestic presence.

Whether you’re looking for a large artificial Fan Palm tree or a short one or you want to add some features to it to suit your requirements, just let us know and we’ll create a custom Preserved Fan tree for you. Our every preserved Fan tree is handcrafted to perfection and comes with ThermaLeaf®. The branches and foliage of our artificial trees make us of fire retardant chemicals which makes them safe during a fire outbreak. Our fire retardant artificial Fan Palm trees are available at wholesale prices and thus, offer great value for money.

Ideal for every commercial space, our faux preserved Fan Palm trees are botanically exact replicas of real Palm trees and hence make for an amazing lifelike decoration. Manufactured using real Palm material, our Preserved Fan Palm trees capture the elegance and personality of their real counterparts.

Our silk Fan Palm trees do not require constant upkeep and owing to their durability, they’ll continue to spread charm and energy in your space till times to come. Crafted from premium quality material, our artificial Fan Palm trees are must haves for drab spaces.

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