ThermaLeaf® Preserved Palm Tree

preserved Palm trees

One of the prettiest ornamental decorations to display in your home or commercial space, our artificial Palm tree is an elegant and sophisticated masterpiece. Handcrafted from real plant material, our preserved Palm tree boasts of a stunning tropical appeal which will bring in a vibrant energy as well as a soothing feel to your interiors. Whether it’s your patio or office lobby, poolside decoration or in a mall, restaurant or hotel, our preserved artificial Palm tree will impart brightness and charm to the setting.

Our faux Palm tree will bring in beautiful coastal colors to your setting, reminiscent of the laid back tropical life. If you’re working on some party décor or a landscape and require our preserved Palm tree in varied color, style or size, then get in touch with us. Known for our exclusive creations, we’ll put our best designers and architects to work to craft custom Palm trees according to your specification.

As safety is paramount when it comes to decoration, our ThermaLeaf® preserved Palm trees offer safety of the highest order. Made from fire retardant chemicals, our artificial preserved Palm trees do not catch fire in case of an outbreak. These fire retardant artificial Palm trees will transform your setting into a tropical paradise.

Designed to feel and look natural, our preserved Palm trees will bring the beach lifestyle to any setting. Handcrafted from premium quality materials, our faux Palm trees do not require constant upkeep and hence, saves a lot of time and money in the process. Our wholesale preserved Palm trees offer great value for money and will sway in the breeze till times to come. So, if you’re throwing a summer-theme party any time sooner, or if your store is running a summer-themed sale, don’t forget to include our preserved Palm trees.

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