ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Artificial Flower Hanging Basket

faux hanging plants

Consider this – The first view any visitor has of your home or commercial area is the one with bright, vivacious and cheerful baskets dipping with clusters of flowers. Wouldn’t that be a lasting impression? Handcrafted with the highest quality material, our artificial hanging plants are full and vibrant and will fill the entire setting with energy. If your interiors are lacking panache and color, then our silk hanging plants are ideal for you. Our artificial hanging baskets make for a lovely and cute decoration and will add a splash of joy in your décor.

Absolutely perfect to add some grace and splendor to your windowsills, poolside, porch or even your patio, our faux hanging plants will brighten the entire setting. One look at our hanging flowers and you’ll be refreshed and filled with happiness. To further increase the joy of our artificial decorations we have crafted these silk hanging plants using fire retardant chemicals which make them absolutely safe in case of fire occurrence. Our fire retardant artificial hanging flowers will address to safety issues as well as add a sense of uniqueness to your home décor.

No matter which flowers or plants you want in the basket, we can design a custom hanging basket for you. With wholesale pricing available, our artificial hanging plants offer great value for money. With amazingly realistic foliage and lifelike blooms, our silk hanging baskets will add a burst of color in your monotonous setting.

Yet another great feature of our faux hanging plants is that our plants won’t shed leaves or flowers on the ground, unlike its real counterpart. As such, our silk plants does not require any sort of care and will continue to grace your setting till times to come.

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