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artificial vines

Stylish, exotic and lush, our artificial vines will bring a sense of exclusivity to your setting. Whether you’re looking to enliven your front porch area or want to create a lively and refreshing décor in your restaurant, hotel, store etc, our wide range of artificial vines are perfect. From Curly Ivy to Wandering Jew, Pothos Hanging Vine to Philodendron Vine hanging plant, our artificial vines are full of life and will decorate your flower boxes to its fullest. No matter where you place it, our silk vines blend in perfectly with any type of setting and will decorate the entire area gorgeously.

Our extremely adorable and lifelike artificial vines will add a touch of nature and spice to your décor. Handcrafted to perfection, our faux vines make use of fire retardant chemicals in its leaves and branches. Our ThermaLeaf®, thus, ensures resistant to fire and that your interior décor as well as loved ones are safe when there’s a fire outbreak. These fire retardant artificial vines are extremely graceful and will give a distinctive touch to your home or office space.

If you have a unique vine design in your mind, then let us know about your concept and we’ll create one exactly according to your specifications. Our custom vines will bring in a sense of exclusivity and sophistication to your décor. If you’re worried about the cost of our artificial vines, then let us assure that our wholesale pricing makes our decorations value for money proposition.

Carefree and long lasting, our silk vines are crafted from premium quality material and will bring a real sense of charm and joy to your setting. So, what are you waiting for? No matter what the setting or occasion is, our faux vines are known for their intricate and vibrant looks and brings in a much needed fun and freshness along with it.

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