Fire Tests

ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Foliage

Fire Tests

ThermaLeaf® has been tested and complies with national and international test methods including NFPA, ASTM, BS, EN, UL & more.

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Silk Plant and Tree Fire Tests

The majority of states have adopted state wide fire codes that regulate the use of indoor silk plants and trees. The following page details each of these silk plant and tree fire tests and demonstrates why our fire retardant plants and trees are the safest on the market.

NFPA 705 Field Flame Test on Silk Plant Foliage

The following video is a NFPA 705 field flame test on silk plant foliage. The NFPA 705 is the test used most often by the fire official to validate the fire retardancy of silk plant foliage. As the name suggests, this is a test that is performed in the field after the silk plants and trees have been delivered to the project site. It is very important to ensure that the silk plant foliage manufacturer can not only supply the fire test certificates but also can ensure the product will pass a field flame test.


NFPA 705 (1997 Edition) Test Criteria:

A. Apply 12 seconds continuous ignition.
B. Remove ignition. Product must self extinguish within 2 seconds.
C. Flaming driplets cannot continue to burn when hitting the floor.

Fire Tests for Silk Plants and Trees

Our ThermaLeaf® plant and tree foliage has been tested and complies with California Title 19, US Gov SIN 4722-06 Flammability Code, NFPA 701, NFPA 705, NF X 70-100, and qualifies as a Class A fire retardant material as tested by ASTM E84-95 and Class 0 as tested by BS 476: Part 7, BS 476: Part 6 for our artificial plants.

US Gov SIN 4722-06

Commercial Silk Int'l holds a current GSA Contract to provide "Fire Retardant Trees & Plants". This test demonstrates that our products are in compliance.

ASTM E84-95 Class A

Our ThermaLeaf® Foliages are tested annually and comply with this code. We hold a current certificate as a "Registered Flame Resistant Product".

NFPA 701 Small Scale

These are "Standard methods of fire tests for flame resistant textiles and films". Our foliages are in compliance for after flame, weight loss and char length.

BS 476: Part 7 and BS 476: Part 6 and Class 0

In accordance with the class definitions given in British Standards BS 476: Part 7, our ThermaLeaf® Foliages are classified as Class 1. In addition, none of the listed phenomena in British Standards BS 476: Part 6 was observed in the testing of our ThermaLeaf® Foliages; and the test results were valid on all three specimens listed. Finally, the results of the tests BS: 476 Part 6 and BS 476: Part 7, demonstrate that our ThermaLeaf® Foliages comply with the requirements for Class 0, as defined in paragraph A13(b) of Approved Document B, 'Fire Safety,' to the Building Regulations 2000.

CAN/ULC S109 Small Scale, Large Scale

Our Themaleaf® foliages comply with the Canadian Fire Test for flame-resistant textiles and films.

NF X 700-100

Our ThermaLeaf® Foliages have been tested for toxicity to determine the level of toxicity produced from the fumes. The analytical toxic fume results generated from our ThermaLeaf® Foliages were below the IDLH Value of the listed gases, determined to be immediately Dangerous to Life or Health, in the NIOSH Guide.

Ongoing Testing

Our foliages are currently tested in a controlled burn chamber using NFPA 701 small scale protocol in Hong Kong prior to importation. Once they arrive, we randomly test in a controlled burn chamber to assure consistency and compliance.