ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Boxwood Topiary Trees

artificial Boxwood topiary

Exuding Renaissance glory and splendor, bring our artificial Boxwood topiary in your home, office or commercial setting and watch it spread sparkle in the surroundings. A work of stately art, our faux Boxwood topiary will decorate any space with its refreshing aura everlasting greenery. A beautiful accent which will withstand the harshness of every season, our silk Boxwood topiary will continue to adorn your indoors till times to come. An ideal faux decoration for hotels, restaurants, offices or lobbies, our Boxwood topiary will provide warmth and a sense of tranquil to your décor.

Handcrafted using our very own innovative fire retardant topiary foliage, our artificial Boxwood topiary will keep your décor absolutely safe in case of fire outbreak. Our fire retardant faux Boxwood topiary ensures safety in case of fire outbreak and does not allow its spread. And if you are worried that our designs won’t go well with your theme or landscapes, then share your thoughts with us and we would be happy to create a custom topiary design with you. Our custom Boxwood topiary certainly spread its beauty and magic in your theme.

With soft, realistic foliage, our artificial Boxwood topiary will embellish your décor with its majesty and color. If you’re looking for a decoration which will stay fresh and provide warmth in your interiors 24x7, then our faux Boxwood topiary should be your preferred choice.

Our Boxwood topiaries do not require any sort of maintenance and as they’re fashioned from premium quality material they will embrace your décor till times to come. If you love to standout amongst the crowd and have a penchant towards the refreshing look of greenery then our silk Boxwood topiary is just the perfect type of decoration for you.

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