ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Ivy Topiary Wholesale

silk ivy topiary

Rev up your home, office or commercial setting with our wide collection of artificial Ivy topiary. One of the most interesting and striking topiaries available, our silk Ivy topiary will add delight and elegance to any setting. Majestic and extremely sophisticated, complete the decoration of the most special place with the help of our faux Ivy topiary. Perfect for spreading joy and cheer, our silk Ivy topiary is artsy and will draw the attention of every onlooker towards itself. No matter if you place it in some corner of your office or right in the center of your commercial space, our artificial topiary will be the focal point and will shine through your décor.

Perfect for both, contemporary as well as traditional setting, our artificial Ivy topiary is a graceful decoration which will enliven your entire space. Unlike other plants and decorations available in the market, our faux Ivy topiary is not susceptible to ignition as it makes use of fire retardant chemicals making it absolutely safe during fire hazards. Our ThermaLeaf®, follows fire codes for commercial artificial plants and hence, is best suited to stop fire related accidents from spreading. Our fire retardant artificial Ivy topiary will spread an excitement in the ambiance owing to freshness.

If you have some special topiary design in mind to suit your home or office décor then do share it with us and we’ll create an exclusive design matching your requirements. Our custom faux Ivy topiary will introduce an everlasting freshness in your setting and with wholesale pricing, it won’t disappoint your wallet as well.

Our artificial topiary does not require constant upkeep, pruning or watering and as such is perfectly suited for busy spaces. Go ahead and create a long lasting eye-catching interior display with our Ivy topiary.

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