ThermaLeaf® Boxwood Cone Topiary

fire retardant artificial topiary cones

Bold and refreshing, our artificial topiary cones will spruce up any setting with its relaxed and rejuvenating aura. With classic looks and cheerful demeanor, our faux topiary cones will bring a timeless elegance in your décor. Known for its warmth, our silk topiary cones are hugely popular among hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings to make visitors feel welcomed and refreshed. Our faux topiary cones will impart a classic look of a country garden in your setting and is a style statement. With an amazingly natural beauty and pleasant appearance, our artificial topiary cones will create an ambiance which is second to none.

Our artificial topiary cones will add a creative accent to your uninspiring décor and will spread joy in the surroundings. If you’re looking to add other elements or shapes to our topiary cones then let us know about it and we’ll be happy to put your thoughts into reality. Our custom made artificial topiary cones will be a wonderful addition to your entryway or in the waiting room.

Apart from bringing in grace to your décor, to make sure that our artificial topiary cones are extremely safe to use, we have come up with ThermaLeaf®. Our faux topiary cones are blended with fire retardant chemicals and pass all fire codes, making them absolutely safe during fire. These fire retardant topiary cones are available in wholesale pricing, thus, ensuring that you don’t break the bank while decorating your commercial space.

Carefree and long lasting, our silk topiary cones do not require pruning as well as watering giving you maintenance free decoration. So, go ahead and deck your lobby or living rooms with our lifelike topiary cones which will delight every onlooker with its heartfelt presence.

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