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fire retardant artificial bonsai tree

Revered around the world for their beauty and a decoration which fosters peace, this Japanese masterpiece is extremely majestic. Our artificial Bonsai trees are one-of-a-kind and will evoke a feeling of nature and elegance with its timeless beauty. Our mesmerizing faux Bonsai trees will make a wonderful addition to any home, office or business décor. With its amazingly lifelike foliage and pleasant aura, these silk Bonsai trees will surely catch eye of every onlooker. A silk decoration with graceful lush leaves and highly detailed trunk, our artificial Bonsai trees will make a lasting impression on your guests.

A highly detailed and artistic decoration, our custom Bonsai tree ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety as well. Crafted using fire retardant chemicals, the leaves and branches of our Bosai trees are blended with these materials which eliminate any fire hazards. Our ThermaLeaf Bonsai trees undergo a rigorous manufacturing process making them absolutely safe in case of fire.

An ideal sized Bonsai for decorating an office or a compact living space, our fire retardant Bonsai tree is captivating and will fill your space with refreshing color. If you’re considering our Bonsai trees to fit in a particular space, then we can get them custom made too according to your needs. Available at wholesale pricing, our artificial tree is an inexpensive home decoration.

Without any frustration of caring and pruning, our artificial Bonsai trees will continue to grace your home or office décor. Whether you’re looking for Japanese Maple Bonsai or Cedar Bonsai tree, Podocarpus Bonsai or Teal leaf Bonsai tree, our collection features some of the most adorable faux Bonsai trees. Maintenance free and extremely durable, our silk Bonsai plants are a must have if you’re looking to add some Oriental flavor in your home or office decoration.

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