ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Indoor Ficus Tree

artificial ficus tree

Homey and comfortable, our artificial Ficus Trees are one of the most interesting trees around and will bring a sense of exclusivity to your home or office décor. Evergreen, stately and pleasant, these faux Ficus trees are hand crafted to perfection and will complement a wide range of interiors. Unlike its real counterpart, our artificial Ficus tree does not drop leaves and hence, due to its maintenance free nature it is perfectly suited for home entranceway, office, hotel lobby, patio, or any commercial setting. So, if you’re looking to bring warmth and a burst of vibrant green in your setting, then our faux Ficus tree is an ideal choice.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, it’s our widely acclaimed ThermaLeaf which makes our interior decorations so special. Our custom made silk Ficus trees are created by incorporating fire retardant chemicals in their leaves and branches making them safe in case of a fire outbreak. Perfect for any space in need of some vibrant color and a majestic makeover, our fire retardant Ficus Tree will command attention wherever it is placed.

The amazingly realistic trunk of this artificial Ficus tree reaches skyward with utmost poise and flaunts its lifelike foliage. A stunning specimen to grace any sort of entranceway or patio, our large artificial Ficus tree should be a priority while shopping for interiors decorations.

Our large Ficus trees can be customized to suit your needs and space constraints and at wholesale pricing, they offer great value for money. These fire retardant fake Ficus trees are majestic in stature and at the same time do not require your time due to its carefree nature. Go ahead and make a grand statement by bringing in our faux Ficus tree in your home or office setting.

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